TRC Services for Faculty and Staff

The Technology Resource Center (TRC) is your first stop for technology questions and troubleshooting. 

The TRC is located in Clark 150. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. We can be contacted at 607-431-4357 or at

Please see the Supported Technology page for information about what faculty/staff hardware and software is supported by the TRC.

Please see the Faculty Technology Support pages for information about faculty computer upgrades and other support.


We strongly recommend that you speak to the TRC prior to making any technology purchases (hardware or software). IT will only support purchases made through our department or with our approval. Why purchase through IT?

  • Avoid problems - even the problems you do not know you will have: Information Technology (IT) does the research and testing to ensure that these applications work with campus technology standards, and anticipates and fixes issues before they become a problem for you.
  • We are on your side: If problems do arise, IT will commit time and resources to resolve the problem.
  • Saves you time on repairs: Standards mean others on campus are using the same hardware/software; so, it is highly likely that IT has previously seen and documented your problem and the proper fix.
  • Saves you money: In many cases the College has already negotiated discounts, educational licensing or vendor partnerships (e.g., HP warranty repair center) that can be friendly to your budget.


When you call or come to the Technology Resource Center with a problem or to request computer service or equipment, we will do our best to let you know if there could be any charges involved with your request. You can also use the list below to help you determine when charges would apply. Since costs can vary, our commitment is to keep you informed so that you can make decisions on the repair outcome and possible costs.

Repair of College-owned or -issued desktop/notebook computers

NO CHARGE for the service below during normal TRC business hours (9 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday):

  • Testing and troubleshooting the problem(s)
  • Replacement of parts under manufacturer's warranty
  • Loan of a notebook computer when your notebook is in for repair (as available).


  • Parts not under manufacturer's warranty
  • User damage
  • Notebook batteries no longer under manufacturer's warranty
  • Repair calls handled by an outside vendor
  • Emergency repairs requiring Hartwick staff overtime

Note: You must have budget officer approval before work can begin.

Repair of College-owned printers and FAX machines


  • Testing and troubleshooting problem(s)
  • Minor adjustments and repairs


  • Parts not covered under manufacturer's warranty
  • User damage
  • Repairs and parts that require an outside vendor to handle the repair

Note: Due to the special skills required, the TRC has outsourced major repairs on FAX machines and laser printers to local vendors. Local vendors are selected based upon their technical knowledge, customer service, and overall costs. Please see the laser printer repair page for information about initiating repairs with our outside vendor.

Loaner printers and FAX machines are not available. A new printer or FAX machine can be purchased through the Technology Resource Center, x4357.

Upgrades (hardware/software) for College-owned desktop and notebook computers


  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Installation of items purchased through the Technology Resource Center


  • Cost of items for upgrades (e.g., hard drives, software, memory, backup drives, etc.)
Note: Only supported software should be put on Hartwick-owned desktop and notebook computers. Purchase College-supported hardware/software and bill your account at the actual cost of the items plus shipping charges.


If you have any questions about purchasing or repair services, please contact the TRC at 607-431-4670 or