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About Your Hartwick Accounts

Your Hartwick College accounts are your keys to access e-mail, grades, information for your courses, WICKit balances, and other personal data. It is important that you take the appropriate precautions to safeguard your passwords. Matriculated students receive a letter containing their student ID and their usernames and default passwords for their network and Google Apps accounts. To ensure security, both passwords should be changed. Your new passwords should be ones that you will be able to remember, but which no one else could figure out easily. Passwords may contain upper and lower case and may include text, numbers, symbols, or a combination.

The two accounts you will use at Hartwick College are:

  • Your Hartwick network account - This is the account you will use for the academic course planner, the housing form, for Hartlink, WebAdvisor, Desire2Learn, in computer labs, and for access to other Hartwick resources. You can change your network password to something only you will know at http://info.hartwick.edu/changemypassword.
  • Your Hartwick Google Apps account - This account is only for Hartwick e-mail and other Google Apps such as Google Drive. The account is accessed by going to http://gmail.com. The first time you use your account you will be prompted to change the password.

Your network and Google Apps accounts are separate and the passwords do not synchronize.

If you have questions about your accounts, feel free to call The Technology Resource Center at 607-431-4357 or e-mail technology@hartwick.edu.

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