What is the WICKit card?
The WICKit card is Hartwick College's ID card and is your personal identification while on/off campus.  A tap or swipe of the WICKit card allows access to the following:

  • Residence hall door plan (a student must tap or swipe at the outer door of their residence hall to gain access)
  • Meal plan (students tap as they enter the Commons Dining Hall to access their meal plan)
  • Meal plan dollars (for more info on meal plan dollars, click here)
  • WICKit Dollars for on or off-campus purchases
  • UniPrint free printing balance (for more information on Uniprint, click here)

Who is eligible for a WICKit Card?

All students (part time and full time) are eligible for a WICKit card. All faculty and staff who are paid directly by the College are eligible for a WICKit card. ARAMARK employees may also get a WICKit card.

Where do I go to get my new or replacement WICKit card?
New students will get their first WICKit card during Welcome Weekend. If your WICKit card is lost or damaged, you can get a replacement WICKit card (replacement fee of $15 may apply), from ARAMARK Food Services, in the Commons of Dewar Student Union. WICKit cards are available daily, 2pm until 5pm.

I lost my WICKit card. What should I do?
Remember that your WICKit card is your personal identification card and much more. Like a debit card, if you lose your WICKit card and someone finds it, they could use your funds, so it is important to deactivate your lost card as soon as possible. You can deactivate your WICKit card by logging into the WICKit eAccounts site. You can access the site from http://www.hartwick.edu/eAccounts/, from the Hartwick home page  (Current Students, Offices and Services), or from the Hartwick menu in Desire2Learn.
You should also report lost or stolen cards to Campus Safety by calling 607-431-4111.

I just got my WICKit card, when can I start using it?
All new cards take approximately 15 minutes to be processed by our computer system; after that, your card will be fully activated.

I just got my WICKit card, how do I activate the WICKit funds?
You can add funds to your WICKIT card two ways: The Business Office will take cash or check, or you can go online and make a deposit using Visa or MasterCard. Guests/parents can also go online to deposit funds on your WICKit card.  You can access the site from the Hartwick home page, Current Students, Offices and Services, or from the Hartwick menu in Desire2Learn, or directly at http://www.hartwick.edu/eAccounts/.

Can I punch a hole in my new WICKit card?
Because of the sensitivity of the chip and magnetic strip on your card, we recommend that you NOT punch any holes in your WICKit card. We recommend a plastic card sleeve with a lanyard to hold your card. NOTE: If your card should fail for any reason, and you have punched a hole in your card, you will automatically be charged for a replacement card.

Do I need to replace my WICKit card every year?
No, WICKit cards are durable and have a protective laminate on them, so they should last a long time. Here are some simple tips to extend the life of your WICKit card:

  • Keep your card away from items that can generate a magnetic field (computers, refrigerators, microwaves, stereo speakers).
  • Keep the card away from excessive heat.
  • Do not put the card through the washing machine or dryer.
  • Do not use the card as a windshield scraper or a tool.

How can I tell what my current WICKit balance is?
There are 3 ways to check your balance:

  • Every time you use your card to purchase something, your balance as of that transaction is displayed on the cash register pole display or on the LCD display on vending readers and on the washer/dryer controller readers.
  • You can ask any manned location that accepts the WICKit card to tell you your balance.
  • Check your balance at WICKit eAccounts. You can access the site from http://www.hartwick.edu/eAccounts. from the Hartwick home page (Current Students, Offices and Services), or from the Hartwick menu in Desire2Learn.

How much money should I add to my WICKit card in order to cover me for the year?
There is no limit to how much you can add, but most students start with about $100 until they see how much they use the card. Keep in mind that the WICKit card can be used at selected off-campus merchants in the Oneonta area (click here to see the list of merchants).

How do I use my WICKit $ off campus?

Participating merchants will have a WICKit Accepted Here sign in their business window. Click here to see a list of participating merchants. Each participating merchant is given a card reader, so when you make your purchase, you will need your WICKit card for the merchant to swipe. The card reader then checks the campus system to be sure you have enough funds in your WICKit account to pay for your purchase. Note: Participating merchants are prohibited from charging any additional fees or surcharges for accepting the WICKit card. Merchants are also prohibited from charging alcohol or tobacco products to the WICKit card.

Having problems with your WICKit card or wish to report problems with the WICKit system?
Please call the Technology Resource Center at 607-431-4357, or send E-mail to technology@hartwick.edu