• Hartwick student on busy streets of Shanghai, China.
  • Hartwick has a 10.6:1 student-faculty ratio.
  • Student presentation during Community of Scholars Showcase May 2008.
  • Student panel discussion during Student Scholar Showcase.

Cost & Affordability

Let's talk money.

You want to attend the kind of private, liberal arts college that will put you on the fast track to professional success - but that kind of education is expensive. That's why Hartwick was one of the first schools in the nation to realize there's nothing magical about taking four years to complete your bachelor's degree.

At Hartwick, you can do it in three years and save as much as 25% in the process.

Less upfront cost and less debt - an intriguing idea. So we created the Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program, and made sure you wouldn't miss out on any of the activities so important to your college experience.

To learn more about how Hartwick is making an exceptional education affordable, visit our Scholarships & Financial Aid webpage.

For details on Hartwick's 2014-15 tuition and fees, visit our  Student Accounts webpage.

Know the Facts.
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