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  • Hartwick has a 10.6:1 student-faculty ratio.

Participating Majors

Within the Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program, there are 22 major areas of study leading to a bachelor of arts (B.A.) or bachelor of science (B.S.) degree. Courses of study include majors from the Humanities, Physical and Life Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences divisions.

Download the Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program Declaration Form (pdf document).

Art History
Business Administration
Computer Science
Information Science
Political Science
Religious Studies
Theatre Arts

* General Accounting degree (CPA possible in 4 years)
** Completion of AP Calculus credit or equivalent required for acceptance into the program.
*** Admission to the Nursing three-year degree Program is based on additional criteria. Students must have at minimum an 88 out of 100 high school grade point average to be considered for the Nursing Three-Year Degree Program. Nursing program requires completion of two summer courses.

^Pre-Medical Studies and Hartwick's Three-Year Degree Program: Hartwick welcomes students interested in a career as a physician to consider its Three-Year Degree Program, whether in Biology or in other majors that offer the Three Year option.  Because of changes in the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) that go into effect starting in Spring 2015, pre-medical students will need to take additional coursework to best prepare them for the exam. In most cases, Three-Year Degree students will not be able to complete all coursework until the end of their third year at the College. Thus, these students will not be fully prepared to take the MCAT before that time, i.e., at about the time they graduate from Hartwick. Because the MCAT is required for medical school admission, this means that most Three-Year Degree students will not be able to start medical school in the fall immediately following their graduation from Hartwick. We advise such students to use the year immediately after completing a Hartwick degree to engage in experiential activities in the realm of health care to strengthen their records and commitment to a career in medicine.

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17The number of students in the average class.