B.A. in Biology: A Sample Schedule of Courses

Below is a sample schedule of courses that a student might take in order to complete all degree requirements on a three-year schedule, without the need for summer courses or AP credit. Hartwick College offers a diverse array of courses, some of which are offered in alternate years only, so students should work closely with their academic advisors to determine the optimal choice of courses that will enable them to develop their individual interests as they complete their degree requirements.

Year 1 (40 credits)

BIOL 101 Biology in Practice
CHEM 107 General Chemistry I
INTR 150 First Year Seminar: The Idea and Practice of Sustainability
ENGL 110 English Composition
SPAN 101 Introduction to Spanish I

ART 214 Papermaking Workshop

BIOL 202 Concepts in Biology I
BIOL 313 Genetic Analysis
CHEM 108 General Chemistry II
PHIL 271 Values and Society
SPAN 102 Introduction to Spanish II
PHED 164 Responding to Emergencies and Community CPR

Year 2 (42 credits)

BIOL 203 Concepts in Biology II
BIOL 206 Human Anatomy & Physiology
MATH 121 Single Variable Calculus
PHYS 140 Principles of Physics I
POSC 101 U.S. Government & Politics

BIOL 240 Island Biogeography in San Salvador

BIOL 309 Medicinal Plants
BIOL 450 Immunology
PHYS 141 Principles of Physics II
THEA 120 Introduction to Theatre Arts
POSC 290 Environmental Politics & Policy
ARTH 104 World Art History – Modern
PHED 151 Outdoor Adventure

Year 3 (38 credits)

BIOL 304 Medical Physiology
BIOL 392 Biological Research Methods
CHEM 201 Organic Chemistry I
ECON 153 Law and Economics
ENGL 241 American Literature - Civil War to the Present

HIST 308 Enlightenment & Revolution

BIOL 415 Microbial Ecology
BIOL 490 Senior Project
ART 241 Photography
HIST 283 Western Medicine Since 1500
RELS 241 Religion & Science
THEA 115 Dance Rehearsal & Performance