B.A. in Economics: A Sample Schedule of Courses

Below is a sample schedule of courses that a student might take in order to complete all degree requirements on a three-year schedule, without the need for summer courses or AP credit. Hartwick College offers a diverse array of courses, some of which are offered in alternate years only, so students should work closely with their academic advisors to determine the optimal choice of courses that will enable them to develop their individual interests as they complete their degree requirements.

Year 1 (41 credits)

ECON 101 First Year Seminar: Topics in Microeconomics
ECON 102 Topics in Macroeconomics
ENGL 110 Composition
ART 113 Drawing I
PHIL 201 Classics of Philosophy
POSC 101 U.S. Government & Politics
PHED 146 Beginning Racquetball

ENGL 221 Classical Mythology

ECON 222 Macroeconomic Theory
MATH 108 Statistics
ART 116 Digital is Fundamental
BUSA 261 Introduction to Business
FREN 101 Introduction to French I
PHYS 121 Astronomy
PHED 154 Mountain Biking

Year 2 (42 credits)

ECON 221 Microeconomic Theory
ECON 223 Econometrics
ANTH 105 Introduction to Anthropology
FREN 102 Introduction to French II
HIST 208 Republican & Imperial Rome
POSC 320 Public Administration

GEOL 275 Field Study in Hawaii

ECON 313 Classical Political Economy
ECON 316 Economics of Race and Gender
ANTH 225 Fundamentals of Archaeology
ARTH 102 World Art History – Ancient
PHIL 336 Ethics
SOCI 105 Introduction to Sociology

Year 3 (38 credits)

ECON 318 Environmental Economics
ECON 320 International Economic Policy
ACCO 310 Business Law I
HIST 240 American Environmental History
ENGL 372 The American Romantics
RELS 103 Religious Diversity in America

ECON 495 Internship in Economics

ECON 490 Economics Senior Thesis
CISC 118 Computer Game Programming
MUSI 250 Progressive Rock
POSC 290 Environmental Politics & Policy
SOCI 380 Labor & Society