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B.A. in Theatre Arts: A Sample Schedule of Courses

Below is a sample schedule of courses that a student might take in order to complete all degree requirements on a three-year schedule, without the need for summer courses or AP credit. Hartwick College offers a diverse array of courses, some of which are offered in alternate years only, so students should work closely with their academic advisors to determine the optimal choice of courses that will enable them to develop their individual interests as they complete their degree requirements.

Year 1 (38 credits)

THEA 100 Theatre Practicum
THEA 120 Introduction to Theatre Arts
THEA 140 First Year Seminar: Fundamentals of Acting
ENGL 110 Composition
HIST 225 History of Brazil
PHIL 201 Classics of Philosophy
PHED 139 Pilates Mat Workout

THEA 205 Theatre in New York City

THEA 100 Theatre Practicum
THEA 231 Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
ARTH 104 World Art History – Modern
PHYS 163 General Astronomy
POSC 105 International Relations
SOCI 105 Introduction to Sociology
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish

Year 2 (42 credits)

THEA 110 Introduction to Movement and Dance for the Theatre
THEA 220 Play Production
ENGL 236 Shakespeare: Page, Stage & Screen
FREN 212 French Theatre
GEOL 107 Physical Geology
POSC 268 Latin American & Caribbean Politics

THEA 303 Theatre in England

THEA 240 Advanced Acting
THEA 260 Art of the Cinema (writing level course)
ENGL 323 Contemporary Drama
MUSI 145 Musical Theatre
PHIL 236 Logic
POSC 340 Media & Politics

Year 3 (40 credits)

ENGL 320 Classical Theatre & Drama
ENGL 322 Modern Drama
ANTH 239 Old World Prehistory
GEOL 110 Environmental Geology
HIST 326 Gender & Power in Latin America
MUSI 141 Aural Skills I
SOCI 240 Women & Social Change

THEA 495 Theatre Internship

THEA 490 Senior Project
ENGL 213 Introduction to Creative Writing
HIST 210 Early Modern Europe
POSC 248 Middle East Politics
SPAN 160 Intro. to Regional Hispanic Studies