Year 1
BIOL 206 Anatomy and Physiology I
PSYC 301 Developmental Psychology
CHEM 107 General Chemistry I
NURS 134 Fundamentals of Nursing
SCIE 144 Physical Assessment
BIOL 207 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 210 Microbiology of Disease
1 Sociology Course
NURS 234 Medical-Surgical Nursing I
SCIE 344 Pathophysiology

Year 2
NURS 357 Pediatric Nursing
SCIE 345 Pharmacology
MATH 108 Statistics
NURS 336 Rural Health or NURS 346 Transcultural Nursing
NURS 257 Women's Reproductive Health
NURS 334 Medical-Surgical Nursing II
NURS 448 Introduction to Research
NURS Gerontology

Year 3
NURS 441 Psychosocial Nursing
NURS 443 Community Health Nursing
NURS 490 Senior Thesis
NURS 495 Senior Independent Practicum
NURS 434 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing
NURS 449 Nursing Leadership & Management
NURS 445 Trends and Issues in Professional Nursing 

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In addition to the courses listed above, students must satisfy all Liberal Arts in Practice curriculum requirements. Other terms and conditions of the Three-Year Bachelor's Degree Program can be found by clicking here.

Current students interested in pursuing a three-year degree program must be in good academic standing and have completed at least 40 academic credits by the end of their first year. Current students wishing to enroll in a three-year program must fill out and submit a declaration form to the Office of the Registrar.