• A Hartwick professor discussing Botany with a student.
  • A Hartwick student using a microscope in the science lab.
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  • A Hartwick student using a microscope for research.


What is this major?
Biology is the study of living organisms.

What can I do with this major?

What skills will I improve/gain?
Scientific equipment operation, working independently, handling and organizing information, biology theory and practical knowledge, oral and written communication, numerical computation, analytical and quantitative abilities, problem-solving, technical skills, teamwork

Who employs graduates from this major?
Biological book/journal publishers, state/federal government, colleges/universities, consulting engineering firms, agricultural chemical companies, medical corporations, biological testing laboratories, business and industry, pharmaceutical companies

What is special about this major at Hartwick?

  • Internships and off-campus opportunities
  • Field station at Pine Lake
  • Research opportunities (in collaboration with professors)

Visit the Biology Department Web page.

Department Chair
Mary Allen, 607-431-4743, allenm1@hartwick.edu

Undeclared Contacts
Stan Sessions, 607-431-4764, sessionss@hartwick.edu
Mary Allen, 607-431-4743, allenm1@hartwick.edu

Major Connections Contacts
Please contact the Department Chair by e-mail to ask for the names of a few upper-level students you can contact.

Why contact upper-level students? These students can be a good resource to learn what a major is like, what careers are typical, what the professors are like, or even to learn what helped them to decide on this major.