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Business Administration

What is this major?
Business Administration majors develop capabilities so that they may assume positions of leadership and responsibility at all levels of management in society.

What can I do with this major?

Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level Further Education/Experience Required
  • financial planner
  • management trainee
  • merchandise manager
  • human resource assistant
  • systems analyst
  • financial manager
  • personnel administrator
  • management consultant
  • product manager
  • convention manager
  • city manager
  • industrial relations manager
What skills will I improve/gain?
Leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, numerical computation, sound decision-making, oral and written communication, organizing activities, computer literacy, planning activities, flexibility, teamwork, coordinating activities, directing activities and staff, interpersonal skills, analyzing and interpreting data

Who employs graduates from this major?
Insurance agencies, federal/state government, manufacturers, schools/universities, real estate agencies, retail stores, banks/financial institutions, non-profit organizations, service industries, hotels and restaurants, healthcare industry, stock brokerage firms, business and industry

What is special about this major at Hartwick?

  • The only business program in the world (that we know of) that is entirely built around students completing a series of computer simulations
  • The Virtual Management Program has students operating in small teams where they experience (not just read about) the important management lessons of working with people--making group decisions, leading others, communicating effectively, and motivating themselves and their teammates to grow successful business ventures
  • Students work in offices (not classrooms), making extensive use of laptop computers

Visit the Business Administration Web page.

Department Chair
Penny Wightman, 607-431-4338, wightmanp@hartwick.edu

Undeclared Contact
John Clemens, 607-431-4948, clemensj@hartwick.edu

Major Connections Contacts
Please contact the Department Chair by e-mail to ask for the names of a few upper-level students you can contact.

Why contact upper-level students? These students can be a good resource to learn what a major is like, what careers are typical, what the professors are like, or even to learn what helped them to decide on this major.