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Political Science

What is this major?
The study of Political Science enables students not only to acquaint themselves with the principal concerns of the discipline, but also to acquire an inquisitive and critical outlook on the political universe around them. The Political Science faculty is committed to graduating well-rounded individuals who are aware of their cultural heritage and mindful of their responsibilities in this interdependent world. Our curriculum is designed to help students meet the moral and intellectual challenges of citizenship.

What can I do with this major?

Bachelor's Degree/Entry Level Further Education/Experience Required
  • lobbyist
  • assistant or campaign associate
  • paralegal
  • international business
  • legislative correspondent
  • broadcast journalist
  • foreign service officer
  • labor relations specialist
  • legislative coordinator
  • public relations officer
  • political campaign manager
  • lawyer
  • political representative
  • staff assistant
What skills will I improve/gain?
Oral and written communication, interacting with diverse populations, decision-making, developing and marketing ideas, problem-solving, understanding community needs, analytical thinking, computer literacy, research skills, teamwork, leadership, working well under pressure

Who employs graduates from this major?
Consulting firms, state/federal government, colleges/universities, public/international affairs offices, political parties, private/public interest groups, campaign management firms, business and industry, non-profit organizations, newspapers

What is special about this major at Hartwick?

  • Harvard Model UN Program
  • Mock Trial competition
  • Law office and court internships
  • International off-campus programs
  • Graduates go on to law schools such as Albany, Buffalo, and Northeastern
  • Excellent breadth: American, International and Comparative Politics; Political Philosophy and Public Law; topics from lobbying to making foreign policy to debating issues of justice or war, and more

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Department Chair
Laurel Elder, 607-431-4887, elderl@hartwick.edu

Undeclared Contact
Laurel Elder, 607-431-4887, elderl@hartwick.edu

Major Connections Contacts
Please contact the Department Chair by e-mail to ask for the names of a few upper-level students you can contact.

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