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Religious Studies

What is this major?
The world's great religions are centered around the quest to find meaning and purpose in human life and existence. Religious beliefs and practices in various ways address not only what it means to be human, but also concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, the sacred and the profane. These beliefs and practices, in turn, help to shape the character of individual societies and cultures. Therefore, knowledge of religion and its various manifestations is indispensable to a study of the diverse social and cultural phenomena we encounter in the world around us.

What can I do with this major?
The departmental program offers the breadth and depth of study to prepare students for graduate study and for professional work in the field of religion. A program of courses in Religious Studies also provides valuable preparation for careers in a variety of other areas, including law, medicine, teaching, psychology, journalism, public relations, and community service.

What skills will I improve/gain?
Problem-solving; deductive reasoning; communicating in a logical manner; interest in pursuing, exploring, and explaining intangible ideas; debating skills; self-discipline; theory development; curiosity; open-mindedness; close, extensive reading; objectivity; work independently; oratory skills; multicultural literacy; textual analysis; and the comparative study of complex organizations.

Who employs graduates from this major?
Consulting firms, state/federal government, colleges/universities, religious associations, political parties, publishing companies, hospitals, business and industry, non-profit organizations, newspapers

What is special about this major at Hartwick?

  • J Term programs in Israel and India
  • Frequent field trips to local places of interest
  • Hands-on classes like Architecture of the Sacred
  • Unusual opportunities to explore the intersection of religion and the broader domain of culture (literature, the arts, film, pop culture, technology, medicine)

Visit the Religious Studies Department Web page.

Faculty Coordinator
C.W. Huntington Jr., 607-431-4325, huntingtonc@hartwick.edu

Undeclared Contact
C.W. Huntington Jr., 607-431-4325, huntingtonc@hartwick.edu

Major Connections Contacts
Please contact the Department Chair by e-mail to ask for the names of a few upper-level students you can contact.

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