A litany of resources is available to the undeclared student at Hartwick. Our cadre includes an in-house library, endless online resources and a host of knowledgeable staff ready to assist you.

Toollbox for Choosing a Major

Use the exercises in this workbook to guide you through the process of choosing a major. You can do this on your own or use it as a basis for discussion with your advisor.

Undeclared Resource Center
The Office of Academic & Pre-professional Advising maintains information for each major designed to help students select a major. This list includes information about departmental contacts, requirements, career paths and other helpful resources designed to assist with the selection process.

In-house Library
The Office of Career Services is home to a library cataloging books, guides, manuals, and workbooks for the undeclared student. The library is a practical place to begin your search for the perfect major. The books provide helpful information such as educational guides, salary data, and projected employment demand for various careers associated with majors. Students are free to peruse materials between 9 and 5 Monday through Friday or check them out for up to one week. Please see to check them out from the Office of Career Services.

Online Resources
There are literally hundreds of Web sites targeting undeclared students. To prevent becoming overwhelmed by all of the sites, we recommend beginning with our "What Can I do With a Major In..." sites. These sites provide a comprehensive overview of information about specific skills gained in each major, career fields for graduates of each major, and links to professional associations for most majors. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, Career Services and Office of Academic & Pre-professional Advising staff are more than happy to do some preliminary research for you.

Other helpful Web sites: Tools and Quizzes
The Princeton Review Major Search
New York Career Zone

Talking with People
Often, the most effective method of gathering relevant information is talking with individuals who are trained in helping students select a major. The staff members in the Office of Career Services and the Office of Academic & Pre-professional Advising can help you work through your unique issues with making the decision. They can also connect you to professors, alumni and professionals in various majors and career fields.

Self-Discovery Inventories
All students are welcome to stop by the Office of Career Services to speak with Lara Sanford in order to learn about various self-assessment tools.