Ask Charlotte Answers 04/23/07

Question: “Hey Charlotte, I wasn’t able to get a single room for next year, but I still really want one. Is it too early to get put on a waiting list for next year? If it’s not too early, who do I talk to?"

Answer: If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a single room, you should e-mail Graig Eichler at or stop by his office, Dewar 406B.

Question: “Hi Charlotte, I was wondering, when/how do we find out if we have been accepted to participate in a study-abroad J Term program?”

Answer: You will receive notification from the S.L. Center for Interdependence the week of April 23 or April 30 via campus mail as to whether or not you have been accepted to a J Term program. More information is available here. Good luck!

Question: “Why are there no Jewish groups on campus? I feel that if there is a Christian group then there should be a Jewish group as well. Not everyone that goes to Hartwick College is a Christian, the school is diverse, there are Jews here too!”

Answer: From what I understand, in the past students have tried to get a Jewish group together, but it wasn’t successful. If you are interested, you should try to start a group!

The Hartwick Web site has a religious preference form that you can fill out to receive e-mail information about happenings for you in your area of spiritual preference. The Temple Beth El, located at 83 Chestnut Street in Oneonta, also may be a resource for you. You can contact the temple at 432-5522 or visit them at their Web site

Question: “Charlotte, the other night as my friend and I were walking back from Yager to Leitzell, the entire sidewalk was covered in ice. It was around 1:00 a.m., so I understand that it is pretty late, but shouldn’t some maintenance person or security person salt the walkway so I don’t bite it again? For $35,000 a year, I think my tuition alone should be able to pay for the salt. Thanks Charlotte!”

Answer: Don’t thank me yet! I’m sorry you “bit” it, I hope you are okay! I will forward this concern to our Facilities department.

Question: “Is it true that T-Mobile and Cingular do not have coverage in Oneonta?”

Answer: Well, I don’t have a cell phone and, come to think of it, I never had a telephone. But I did manage to look into this for you! T-Mobile does not have coverage in Oneonta. Cingular may have sufficient signal strength for on-street or in-the-open coverage, but not enough for in-vehicle or in-building coverage.  I’d go with another provider!

Question: “Hey what do I need to do if I’m transferring out of here at the end of Spring Term? Is there a form I need to fill out? I’ve heard a few different answers and I don’t know which one is right.”

Answer: Whether you have made up your mind about transferring or are considering it, you should make an appointment with Valerie Harabet for an exit interview or to talk about your options. You can e-mail her at or you can reach her at extension 4321.

Question: “Hi, I was wondering when students find out if they were nominated for an award at Honors Convocation. Thanks!”

Answer: Invitations were put in campus mail on Thursday, April 19, so by the time you read this you will have received one if you were nominated!

Question: “Is there any clinic in Oneonta, maybe a church or something that will hold a class or something about vandalism or stealing? Just for help.”

Answer: Well, I’m not quite sure if you are looking for places to do community service or if you are looking for local support groups. For community service I would suggest contacting some local churches or the Salvation Army.  Beyond Boundaries, here on campus, can offer more suggestions. If you are looking for support groups, here is a link to support groups in the Oneonta area that are advertised in The Daily Star.

Question: “Ok, so we all know that there is a little brick building outside of Van Ess, the one with the platform on top with the fence around it. What the heck IS that building and why is there a grenade painted on it? Is it explosive? I’ve never seen anyone go in there and I’ve been here for three years already.”

Answer: Well, I’m not sure why there is a grenade painted on it, but from what I’ve been told, that building houses utility trunk lines!

Question: “Why doesn’t Hartwick have a student television newscast?”

Answer: Good news! There has been some talk about starting a Hartwick News Show. As you can imagine, there is a lot of work that goes into producing a news show. There is a studio that sits idle on the first floor of Clark Hall, but with some hard work you can get this started. If you are interested, you should call Ray Cesnavicius, Media Services Manager, at extension 4446 or you can e-mail him at

Question: “Help me Charlotte, I'm desperate. I'm a senior living in a suite with three other seniors and the roommate tension is starting to go overboard. All four of us have busy work schedules, all four of us are always grouchy. One of my roommates in particular is usually cursing the school, their homework, or their professors, one of which, it seems is giving my roommate the short end of the stick. I've told my roommate to get academic help, and he won't. I've told him to go talk to his professor, but he won't. My roommate uses me as his personal confidant when I am on a sports team, in several clubs, and very active in my major. I also hold down a 25+ hour a week job (working mostly late nights). The minute I walk through the door, my roommate pounces o me to use me as his personal Freud. Help me Charlotte. What can I do?”

Answer: I think the best thing for you to do is to set boundaries with your roommate. Let him know when you don’t have time to listen to him or help him with his problems. This might seem harsh, but you have a lot going on in your life too and can’t afford to be someone’s personal therapist. Instead, you can continue to direct your roommate to people who are good resources to help him with his problems, such as ACE, Fifty-Fifty, or the counseling center on campus. If he doesn’t follow through with these suggestions, it’s not your fault; you’ve tried your best, but you cannot force someone to get help.

Question: “Charlotte – Why is my advisor so, how should I say, not good at advising? It seems like whenever I go to her with a question, she can’t answer it; she has to send me all over campus. The questions I ask seem pretty simple. And why is it that if I ask 3 different people the same question here I get 3 different answers? Shouldn’t everyone be on the same page?”

Answer: I’m sorry your advisor hasn’t been helpful. Perhaps your advisor is relatively new to campus, and still “learning how to climb the hill” (Charlotte’s version of “learning the ropes”). You can, of course, change your advisor at any time if you think your interests would be better served by a new advisor. As for everyone being on the same page, I’m the only person here who knows the answer to everything!

Question: “I was wondering what the benefits of having a minor would be. It seems to me that if you want to declare a major, you might as well make it a minor. What do you think?”

Answer: I think you swapped major and minor in your second sentence! More to the point, once you complete a major, it all boils down to personal preference in what you want your education to reflect. Some folks do second and third majors, some do two or three minors to go along with their major, and some stick with their major and take as many challenging courses from as many areas as they can fit in.