Ask Charlotte Answers 05/22/07

Question: “I play a sport here at Hartwick and have an opportunity to compete for a starting position this year. The problem is that I don’t have Love for the sport anymore. I simply cannot motivate myself anymore. Basically I just don’t want to play anymore. Should I quit or just try to stick it out?”

Answer: Thanks for asking for my advice! Before I offer my words of wisdom, I have a question for you to ask yourself. Have you tried to figure out what it is that keeps you from loving the sport? Perhaps there is a contributing cause that, if addressed, would help you feel differently. I’d suggest talking it over with someone you trust….it won’t be easy to quit and most people wish they hadn’t in retrospect. Instead of giving up on a sport, try to discover why you feel this way and then make plans to look forward to a future of intentional choices that are focused and fun!

Question: “Charlotte, can you please tell me how come only Bresee was shut down during the bomb evacuation and not Arnold and Clark as well? I’m sure that IF something were to happen in Bresee, Arnold and Clark would be affected as well. I know that this probably was a prank and doesn’t amount to anything, but there is still that chance.  The school I feel did a poor job to ensure the safety of their students in this aspect.”

Answer: I’m sorry that you feel Hartwick did a poor job. Campus Safety worked rapidly to evacuate Bresee. Based on input received from the Oneonta Police and Fire departments, the evacuations of Clark and Arnold were deemed unnecessary. 

Question: “Dear Charlotte, Who is the current advisor to Student Senate? (Article VI of the Student Senate Constitution.) Are they present at the meetings? I don’t want our Senate to get into fiscal trouble like it has in the past (e.g. last year). SUNY Oneonta’s Senate gets audited every year by an actual auditor. Why can’t our college or our Student Senate pay for that so that we don’t get financially in the hole again?”

Answer: This is a good idea. I will forward it to Senate for their consideration. The Student Senate chooses an advisor. It is currently Dr. Doreen Comerford, but last year they had a panel of advisors. How active they are depends on the Senate and what choices they make regarding oversight.

Question: “Hi Charlotte! I have a question about Curriculum XXI. I am a Bio major, but I realized that Bio is not for me and I don’t know what I want to major in at this time. However, I was thinking I could complete my Curriculum XXI in the meantime of choosing a major. Is there an online form that I can look at to see what kind of classes I need to fulfill my Curriculum XXI?”

Answer: You can take a look at the College Catalog that is online (documents/HCCatalog2007-2008.pdf). Page 23 begins an explanation of Curriculum XXI and the requirements. You should also talk to your advisor for his or her guidance.

Question: “Charlotte, I was wondering if a student wanted to come who was in a wheelchair how would they get around? I mean with all the hills, stairs, etc.  It just doesn’t seem accommodating.”

Answer: Our hillside location presents obvious challenges to people in wheelchairs. We strive, however, to live up to ADA standards, and accommodations can be made. A sign at the main entrance to campus provides a telephone number to call for those in need of assistance. I’m glad to also report that the elevator and walkway in Golisano Hall will provide wheelchair access to Binder, and the renovation of Bresee Hall includes an elevator to serve all four levels in the building.
Question: “Am I the only one who notices how ridiculous the lawns here at Hartwick look? I understand we are built on the Himalayas but seriously, mowing half of the lawns here on our hills and leaving the other half as jungles is pretty weak. Did anyone else notice we had Tom Golisano, million dollar donor for Golisano Hall, and the Board of Trustees here this past weekend? We were able to hang a Sabres flag in front of Bresee but were unable to successfully keep the lawns well maintained for this big event. I might as well throw in the idea of adding Scotts Turfbuilder to the tuition here at ‘Wick in order to keep the lawns from becoming their current sea of yellow dandelions or maybe we should finish mowing the lawns before we begin planting Evergreen trees in front of Leitzell Hall! Just an idea, you know I could bring up my John Deere and help maintenance out…”

Answer: In my time the lawns were “mowed” by sheep or cattle. Remember that it was only a few weeks ago that we were buried in 12 inches of heavy slush! When spring comes to Hartwick it comes with a vengeance (can spring come with a vengeance?). The dandelions appear overnight, and in valuing sustainability, we try to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers. Thanks for your offer to bring the John Deere to campus, but the facilities staff is scurrying to get the sudden burst of growth under control. Mr. Golisano reports that he had a delightful time visiting the campus once again.   


A couple of months ago I received a few e-mails asking who Charles P. Oudin is and why his name is on a plaque in the Robertson Lodge at Pine Lake.  Well, I received an e-mail from his nephew, John Oudin! He is searching for information on his great-great uncle as well! From the information that he has, Charles was born in 1856 but he is unsure about when he died. He lived in New York City and much of the family migrated to and visited areas around Albany. Cooperstown was one of their favorite spots.

Another reader commented that I was wrong when I answered the question about Cingular cell phone service. This person says that they have Cingular service on campus and in town. They say it is great and would fully recommend it. (So don’t blame Charlotte if it doesn’t work!)