Ask Charlotte Answers 10/25/06

Question:  "If it is concluded every future event is determined via a casual relationship with prior events (i.e. determinism), thereby eliminating the possibility of free will, does this ultimately relieve me of any personal responsibility for my actions?  Furthermore, if I pose this argument at a Residential Life hearing do they have an obligation to drop any charges filed against me if they cannot effectively refute my argument?  After all, if we fail to discuss philosophical arguments using rational don't we risk blinding Hartwick into a tyranny, slaves to the shadows of puppets on the cave wall?"

Answer:  Sorry, but all hearings are based on the preponderance of evidence.

Question:  "I live in Leitzell and every weekend it seems like something new is getting broken or destroyed by drunk idiots.  I'm kind of annoyed that I'm probably going to have to pay to get this stuff replaced even though RAs haven't been able to do any rounds in the building at night.  I found out their keys haven't been letting them in the building after 7 p.m.  So Charlotte, what can be done about this situation?"

Answer:  The RA Staff and Campus Safety staff are responding: Due to the recent vandalism in Leitzell Hall there will be an increase in presence by the RA staff and/or the Campus Safety Office. If you have information on the students causing the damage, please contact Graig Eichler, Director of Residential Life, at extension 4547 or

Question:  "I heard that many off-campus establishments are dropping the WickIt card because the Hartwick reimbursement checks written to them at the end of last year bounced...Is this true? Since the students have already prepaid the school the exact amounts we spend, there should be no reason why the school can't pay for what they owe."

Answer:  No, this is not true. While some merchants have dropped out of the program because students either do not use their WICKit card or frequent those merchants, others have joined the program this year (Quiznos and ACE Taxi) and more are interested. It is normal to have some merchants come and go with any campus card program. Also,some merchants have added the ability to use credit cards for pizza, etc which will affect sales using WICKit (similar to a debit card) and ultimately it is a business decision for the merchant as to what payment options they want to offer based on what students use for payment. Growth of the WICKit merchant program is dependent on students using their WICKit card for payment at participating merchants as well as asking those not participating in the program why they do not take the WICKit card.

As for bouncing checks, Hartwick does not work directly with or pay the merchants, as the merchant program is run completely by Blackboard. Neither Blackboard nor Hartwick have heard of such "bouncing check" rumors or complaints from merchants involving payments. Thanks for the question and if you have other WICKit-related questions, you can call extension 4366 or send e-mail to

Question:  "Just how 'random' is the random selection for verification for financial aid? I am a junior now and this has been the third year that I have been 'randomly' selected for verification."

Answer:  While the federal government indicates that the selection is random, it is more typical for students receiving funding such as federal PELL grants to be selected. If you have any questions about the verification process, you should contact the Financial Aid and Affordability Office at extension 4130 or

Question:  "Hey Charlotte, I have a question. The other day, my roommate told me that during Christmas break, everyone has to move all of their belongings out of their dorm. This includes posters or pictures on the wall or on the desk, and even your tv, you understand where I am going with this. Is this true? Please let me know. Thank you!"

Answer:  No, it seems like your roommate has some wrong information! Students do not have to empty their rooms until the end of May. It is a good thing you asked!

Question:  "In your answers on 10/02/06, you told us about charges for massages at the Wellness Center. Can those charges be paid using either a Wickit card or a MC/Visa logoed debit card?"

Answer:  At this point the only form of payment that Perrella can accept for massages is cash.

Question:  "How come ACE acts like the schools police when it comes to your grades? I think we are all adults here and can agree that if we want help we can seek it out for ourselves. Do they make the 40 or 50 year old students meet with them too about their midterm reports? If they do that is pretty sad. Do you think that we are wasting Hartwick's precious dollars by paying the staff at ACE? I do."

Answer:  The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is committed to helping students be successful at Hartwick. Some of their services are voluntary for students and some are mandatory for students who are struggling academically. Their goal is to help students succeed in academics. This includes students of all ages. If you have an issue you would like to discuss with them, I encourage you to speak with someone from ACE. Their extension is 4435 or you can e-mail them at

Question:  "Who can I talk to if I feel my confidentiality has been violated?"

Answer: If you are talking about a breach of academic confidentiality, then you should make an appointment with Dean Hunsberger in the Academic Affairs Office. You can do this by calling extension 4409 or e-mailing If it is a personal confidentiality breach related to your living space, you should contact Graig Eichler at extension 4547 or

Question:  "Even though I have a lot of homework to do, I waste a lot of time doing other things--checking e-mails and responding to them, communicating with my friends on facebook, watching TV shows, looking something up on Wikipedia, talking to friends over the phone, IMing, and worrying about things. How do I break my bad habit?"

Answer:  The Academic Center for Excellence is offering a workshop in their Fall 2006 Group Workshop schedule that may hep you. It is called Task Management vs. Time Management. It will be held on Tuesday, November 7 from 7-8 p.m. in the Learning Lounge. You can click here to go to their Web site to learn more about it.

ACE also offers some video workshops that you may be interested in. They are CONCENTRATION AND MOTIVATION Staying Focused: Improving Motivation and Concentration (Video 1) and Success 4 Students: Getting Motivated with Vision and Goals (Video 2).

Question:  "I really like this guy that I met in town.  He's a local person, from Oneonta. The problem is, it's hard to find out anything about him (normally I would do it the college way, like by asking mutual friends what kind of person he is!). How do I pursue this without either making a mistake or getting into trouble?"

Answer:  It seems to me that the best way to find out more about him is to simply get to know him. I'm not sure what type of things you want to know about him but you can probably get the basics from talking with him and spending some time with him. If all else fails, you can always "Google" him!

Question:  "Charlotte, Hartwick claims to recycle, but most bins for the residence halls are only in the kitchens and not spread out well.  Facilities employees have told me that they don't know the procedure to recycle, and combine the recyclables with the trash. As part of the Talloires Declaration that Hartwick signed we agreed to recycle. Also, it is NY State law to recycle. Essentially Hartwick is breaking the law by not providing sufficient containers and by not educating the facilities staff. What can be done to remediate this problem? Thanks."

Answer:  Last week Dr. Patrick Drohan and Kevin Gaffney sent out an e-mail about how Hartwick recycles. Below is a copy of it in case you didn't get a chance to read it.

Hartwick Does Recycle!
Kevin Gaffney has spoken with the City of Oneonta and researched the waste handler Oneonta contracts with. Dr. Drohan has met with Kevin Gaffney and has spoken about future Hartwick recycling/composting initiatives. In this e-mail you will find links to the same information we were pointed to when speaking with the city and the waste handler.
Recycling at Hartwick is taking place. As long as users place items in the correctly labeled container, recycling occurs. We recycle glass, cardboard, newspaper, metal/scrap metal, plastic, paper, white goods, old furniture, building materials, computers and other electronics.
This county WWW site describes what we recycle:
This county WWW site describes in detail specialty items we recycle:
You may see staff dumping containers of paper together…this is fine and follows Oneonta’s paper recycling guidelines. Once leaving Hartwick, these items are recycled; mixing paper does not limit our waste handlers recycling in any way. All facilities staff are aware of the recycling policy and do their part. 

In some buildings that do not see much public use, there may be fewer containers then one may see in an area like Bresee. This policy more visibly demonstrates recycling to Hartwick visitors. Bresee and Arnold should be the only buildings with more than the required 2 bins are found. We will formulate a clear bin policy for buildings at the next Talloires/Sustainability committee meeting (to be announced today after this e-mail). Please notify Kevin Gaffney if you do not have containers in your building.
Electronics can now be recycled to a greater extent and Kevin Gaffney is designing the procedure the College will follow to comply with this new city option.For more information on our solid waste and recycling see: A link to the County Solid Waste Site For very interesting information on where items go once recycled, and the economics of recycling please see:
On behalf of your waste,Kevin Gaffney and Patrick Drohan

Question:  "For the over 21 crowd, what is Charlotte's favorite bar in Oneonta?"

Answer:  I haven't been to a bar in over a century!

Question:  "Where do I go if I want to change my permission that I gave to my parents to see my grades and progress?"

Answer:  You can rescind this permission in writing and bring it to the Registrar's Office on the 4th floor of Dewar.

Question:  "Do you get annoyed when people ask you such ridiculous questions?"

Answer:  I'm always willing to answer your questions! Just remember that you should feel free to speak with individual departments if you have a question in their area. Your advisor and RA are also great resources if you need an answer right away. Also, make sure you check out the new Ask Charlotte Archives. I may have already answered your question!

Question:  "Boxers or briefs?"

Answer: What about boxer-briefs? Sorry, I can't offer you any guidance on this one. This is a personal decision.

Question:  "If I wanted to transfer, what would I have to do/what is the process like?"

Answer:  If you want to withdraw from the College, the first thing to do is schedule an exit interview with Valerie Harabet, Student Success Coordinator. You can reach her at extension 4321 or  From there, she can assist you with the rest of the process.

Question:  "When does class registration start for Spring? What do I do to register for classes?"

Answer:  Pre-registration for January and Spring 2007 terms will begin on Monday, October 30 at 9:30 a.m. in the Registrar's Office, 4th floor of Dewar.  You should have received materials in your campus box explaining what you need to do to pre-register for classes, if not, check your email as a message was sent by the Registrar's Office on Tuesday, October 24.  Information can be found on the Registrar's Office web site by clicking here: