Ask Charlotte Answers 11/17/06

Question: "What is a 'W' grade? Does that count toward my GPA?"

Answer: A "W" grade is issued when a student withdraws from a course by the end of the ninth week of the term for a Fall or Spring Term course or by the end of the third week for a January Term course. Withdrawals after the deadline are not permitted unless approved by the Committee on Academic Standards. "W" does not count in the total of credits attempted nor does it count toward your GPA. For important withdrawal dates and deadlines, please click here:

Question: "Why can't RAs or security unlock a room to turn off an alarm that is going off in a room with no one in it? The other night my neighbor's alarm clock was going off while they were not in the room.  After about an hour and a half of trying to sleep while listening to the obnoxiously loud beeping, I asked my RA if they could go and turn off the alarm. They told me that they could not because the person whose room it was needed to be there. I called security and they said the same thing. Why?"

Answer: There seems to be a misunderstanding with the staff members you spoke with regarding protocol. The RA staff and Campus Safety staff are able to turn off the alarm if no one is home. We do not want the alarm to be a disruption to others. I do apologize for the lack of response, and this will be mentioned to all RAs and Campus Safety staff so hopefully it doesn't happen again!

Question: "When is it going to start snowing?"

Answer: Your guess is as good as mine! I can't see into the future!

Question: "I'm looking for a ride home on Thanksgiving and I'm wondering where you can find out who can give you a ride home?"

Answer: You can check out the Grassroots RideBoard for carpooling options.  You can locate it at Please remember to check my archived answers, I may already have answered your question!

Question: "Who can we talk to if we think that a professor's teaching methods are unfair or unsuccessful? I know it is a little late in the game to try to combat my particular situation but I would like to know just in case I run into this problem again."

"Hey Charlotte, if I feel I'm being treated unfairly by one of my professors, who should I talk to? I feel like I'm being singled out because my opinions don't always agree with theirs."

Answer: The answer is the same for both of these questions. There are three steps that you need to take.

1. You should first speak with the professor about any particular concern you have. If the conversation does not result in a satisfactory resolution for you;

2. The next step would be for you to go to the faculty member's department chair;

3. Again, if you still feel that a satisfactory resolution has not been obtained, you may then make an appointment with the Dean of Academic Affairs through Judy Conkling, by calling extension 4409.

Question: "Do you like the female or male gender Charlotte?"

Answer: I do like males, but I was never married.

Question: "What is the other side like, Charlotte?"

Answer: Peaceful.

Question: "Hi Charlotte, There is an old wooden plaque-board in the Robertson Lodge of Pine Lake that reads "CHARLES P. OUDIN 1874." I think that this was taken from the island pavilion house from Pine Lake. Do you know who Charles is? Maybe you and Chaz were friends.  Is there a way to find out if he was a Hartwick student?"

"There is a sign which is prominently displayed in the living room of the Lodge at Pine Lake that reads "Charles P. Oudin." Who is Charles P. Oudin?"

Answer:  These two questions were sent to me last month and I've been trying to do some research. Unfortunately, I haven't been very successful. I have no idea who Charles P. Oudin is. We were not friends. I even asked my good friends over in the Archives and they didn't know who he was either and couldn't locate any information on him. If anyone has information on him, please let me know!