Ask Charlotte Answers 11/30/06

Question: "How are transfer student's GPAs determined?"

Answer: Good question! As a transfer student, the grades you receive in courses completed elsewhere are not factored into your semester or cumulative GPA. In fact, only credit for your transfer courses are counted toward your academic record. However, when we determine honors eligibility when you graduate, these grades are included in the GPA calculation.

Question: "Dear Charlotte, I'm having difficulty paying for my tuition here and what angers me with each dead end I meet financially, there is a member of one of my classes bragging about how he spoke to financial aid and was able to get extra aid as well as personal checks he can cash for spending money. He and I have the same GPA and if this aid is given out based on need and grades, monetarily, my needs are much greater. Does Hartwick just give students money for going here? If we do, then I will give you my room number and leave the cash box outside."

Answer: Financial aid is distributed at Hartwick College based upon financial need, although merit scholarships are offered by the Admissions Office at the time a student is accepted to the College. Various factors, such as applying on time each year for aid, can impact a student's financial aid. You should address your specific concerns to the Financial Aid and Affordability Office, Arnold Hall, 1st floor or by e-mail at

Question: "Why is there not enough parking spots on campus? And why are Saxton people allowed to park in the Holmes parking lot?"

Answer: It can be hard to find a good parking spot, but there is only so much space. With Saxton and Holmes being in such close proximity, residents in both buildings may park their vehicles in either lot.

Question: "Is there a way for residents of Leitzell to control the heat in their rooms? My roommates and I have to open our windows and run fans to keep it a comfortable temperature which is a waste of energy and money. What can we do?"

Answer: There is no way to control individual room temperature in Leitzell; however, it is on the College's master plan for future renovations.

Question: "I live in Holmes Hall and we have no recycling bins in the whole building. I have a lot of recycling backed up; where or who can I get bins from and will the school pick it up?"

Answer: The Facilities Office has just ordered new recycle bins for the entire campus. The bins will be installed once the shipment arrives on campus. In the meantime, you may put your recyclables in a plastic bag labeled as recyclables and place them in the laundry room.

Question: "Dear Charlotte, I just received an update from AVG Free edition virus protection software saying that the free edition expires in January. The next edition must be bought. It seems rather unfair to make Hartwick students pay for a piece of software that Hartwick requires for much needed Internet access. What is Hartwick planning on doing about this? Will the students have to pay?"

Answer: All computers that connect to the Hartwick network must have updatable antivirus software installed. If you are using your Hartwick-issued laptop you do not need to install the free AVG software--in fact, doing so will cause software conflicts which can slow down your computer. All Hartwick-issued computers come with Symantec antivirus software already installed, which includes all virus updates at no charge. If you bring your own Windows computer to campus and want to use it on the network it must have working antivirus software, which you are responsible for (any costs and updates). We recommend AVG because it has been tested on our network and it is free but you can use any major antivirus package you wish on your personally owned computer. If you have any problems with your antivirus software, please call the Technology Resource Center at x4357.

Question: "I lost my pin to make outgoing calls on my room phone. How do I find out what it is?"

Answer: There are a couple ways you can go about obtaining your PIN:

1. You can call extension 4985 and they will e-mail it to you. They cannot give you the number over the phone at this extension since you are a direct customer of STC Services.

2. STC Services can give you your PIN over the phone by dialing extension 7999 or go on their Web page linked from Hartwick's Telecom section at (This is most convenient during non-business hours.)

3. Or, you can stop by Lynnette Hitchcock's office in the basement of Arnold or see Jim Terwilliger at the TRC with your student ID card and they can look up your PIN in person.

As an extra precaution, if you feel that your PIN card is lost where someone else may get their hands on it, it's best to request a new PIN from Lynnette Hitchcock or STC to avoid any calls that are not your own.

Students should carefully review their itemized bills that are sent to them electronically to monitor any questionable activity or notify STC in the event there are unknown calls made against their PIN to block any future fraudulent calls.

Question: "Besides the College campus and Pine Lake, what properties does Hartwick physically have ownership of (land/residential/commercial)?"

Answer: Hartwick owns the houses below Saxton and Wilder halls. The other two notable properties that the College owns are the plot of land in the town of Hartwick where the original seminary was before the College moved to Oneonta in the 1920s, and Thornwood near Wilber Park where President Miller and family live. You can check out the following link for an online exhibit of Hartwick's move to Oneonta.

Question: "Last year the Miller Science Building was renamed the Johnstone Science Center. However, the old part of the building is still considered to be "Miller Hall Wing," correct? (As there still is a sign at the back of the building near the greenhouse calling it such.) My question is, is the adjacent parking lot still called the Miller lot, or is it now called the Johnstone lot?"

Answer: The Johnstone Science Center Complex and Miller Hall includes student and faculty research areas, departmental teaching laboratories, a Nursing laboratory, a computer laboratory, a three-room greenhouse, the Hoysradt Herbarium, mediated classrooms/lecture hall, a science communications center, and the related facilities of the Earnest B. Wright Observatory and the Robert R. Smith Environmental Field Station at Pine Lake. The renovation and expansion of Miller Science Building in 1999-2000 included the construction of the Johnstone Science Center, named in honor of John W. Johnstone '54, H'90.

As for the parking lot and why people still refer to it as the Miller lot, well...old habits are hard to break...the official name is now Johnstone Science Center Complex; however, it all depends on who you are talking to. Alumni who come back to the College know the building as Miller and there are many faculty and staff who have been at the College for more than 30 years and so the unofficial name of Miller-Johnstone circulates too!

Question: "Charlotte, is there anywhere local to go ice skating or skiing? Maybe trails for snow shoeing?"

Answer: Yes! Neahwa Park offers ice skating during the winter. There are also two ski resorts that aren't too far from Oneonta that offer skiing, ice skating, snow tubing, and snow shoeing. You can check out their Web site for more information. - Ski Windham, located in Windham, NY - Hunter Mountain, located in Hunter, NY

Question: "What kind of place are we in where we have incidents of stolen AK-47's and a meth lab in one of the dorms?"

Answer: Whenever alleged illegal activities occur, the College works to ensure the safety of students, as well as to hold individuals responsible. When appropriate we also involve local and set law enforcement. I encourage you to speak with Tom Kelly, Director of Campus Safety if you have further concerns.