Ask Charlotte Answers 12/3/07

Question: IS it true that students over age 25 do not have to meet PE requirements?

Answer: Yes, this is true. Those over 25 may complete a waiver (available in the Office of Advising and Registration) and submit it to Kathleen Bentley, associate registrar. But remember, even those over 25 can benefit from exercise—I myself took my daily constitutional into my advanced years!

Question: What’s the point of making us come to Monday and Tuesday classes? How come Hartwick does not just give us the whole week off for Thanksgiving?

Answer: Having the entire week off seems like an attractive scenario—but, alas, if the College calendar allowed students those 2 additional days off, they would have to be made up at another point--in August or May, for example. A minimum “seat time” is required of every accredited institution. Hartwick’s annual calendar is carefully composed in an attempt to balance the start and end of classes with much-needed breaks while keeping this regulation in mind.

Question: I feel a bit discriminated against... Three of my desired courses for spring are closed. I was told by the professors that they could not let anyone else in. But a week later when I checked the enrollment, it appears as though more than 5 "new" students have been added to each of the classes even after I was told no. What’s up with that?

Answer: I know this can be frustrating situation…but an instructor has the right to approve or deny admission into his or her course after the cap enrollment has been met. Many instructors do not sign in additional students—while others will sign those in who desperately need the course for their major. Also, if interest in the course is unusually strong, seats may be added as pre-registration proceeds. Hartwick prides itself, however, on trying to keep classes as small as possible. The Office of Advising and Registration, the Office of Academic Affairs, and the faculty all work together to strike a delicate balance to offer the classes students need and want to take while keeping class size ideal. With more seniority in the future, you will be able to enroll in the classes that were closed this time around.

Question: On the school Web site, it says there is a slopes skiing/snowboarding club. But a friend of mine asked at the Taste of Wick and they said there was no such club. And I haven't heard anything about it. So, is there a skiing/snowboarding club for the students to get rides to mountains and cheaper lift tickets? If not, how would I go about starting one?

Answer: Snowboarding…what a unique way to take advantage of the winter’s storms! A skiing/snowboarding club has been active in recent years but, at the moment, this inactive club is awaiting new leadership. If you are interested in reactivating the club, you will need to visit the Student Senate office to find out details on how to go about starting a group. They will work with you to write a constitution and gain official recognition. Good luck!

Question: What are some good ways to meet people on campus?

Answer: I know that sometimes the most obvious things are difficult for us to really see…and that is what you must do in order to meet people on campus. I would suggest that you join a club, or take advantage of an event listed in Hartwick’s weekly schedule that interests you—music, dance, lectures, whatever. Attend something that doesn’t interest you if you think you would enjoy meeting those who are interested in the event! Getting involved in your House Council is a good idea to meet your neighbors…or run for Student Senate in the fall! Offering some time in Beyond Boundaries can be a good way to meet those from both the Hartwick community and the wider community.

Question: Why is it that if we have older Wickit cards and we lose our newest one, we can't use the old ones and we have to pay 10 extra dollars for a brand new one again? It's the same card! The picture is the same and the ID number. I find it a waste of money and time. Didn't last year the school's registers in the Commons accept old cards if we found them again? Why can't our college use the money we put into it to pay for a better machine?

Answer: I, of course, needed help on this one—it’s still amazing to me that there exist these machines that can do so much merely by passing a small piece of plastic near them! So thank you to my friends in IT for this response: For security purposes there is more than just your ID number encoded on the back of your ID card. In order to protect your account in case your card is lost or stolen, each card you receive has a unique number generated by the system. Once you receive a new card, your old one is no longer recognized as the current card in the system, requiring that a new card be generated. I thought that these questions from the Archives might be helpful at this point in time:

Question: "How soon can students get their grades on finals? Can we get them on blackboard?" (12/06)

Answer: You should check with your individual instructors to find out when grades for your finals will be available for viewing and if they will be posted on Blackboard. Grades for your courses will be available in WebAdvisor after they are verified by the Registrar's Office. A notice is sent by the Registrar via e-mail when grades are available for viewing in your WebAdvisor account. Good luck!

Question: "Charlotte, is there anywhere local to go ice skating or skiing? Maybe trails for snow shoeing?"

Answer: Yes! Neahwa Park offers ice skating during the winter. [I’d like to add that Pine Lake is also a good place to snowshoe or ski—and there are snowshoes available for use there!] There are also four ski resorts that aren't too far from Oneonta that offer combinations of skiing, ice skating, snow tubing, and snow shoeing. You may check out their Web sites for more information.

Question: How can I check regularly to see what my declining-dollar balance is on my meal plan, and how many meals I have left? Can I check online?

Answer: There are actually a couple of ways to check this. If you log onto the community site you can check the declining dollar balance of your meal plan and your Wick-It card. To find out how many meals you have left, look at the screen the next time you swipe your card in the Commons and it will tell you.