Ask Charlotte Answers 1/7/08

Question: Hey, Charlotte! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season! My roommate and I are sophomores and we were wondering how to go about getting into Leitzell for our junior year. Any suggestions?

Answer: Thank you for the good wishes! I hope that you, too, enjoyed the holiday season. I have listed below two pages on our Web site that offer the information you need--the points-based housing selection process used at Hartwick as well as the calendar for applying to the various residence halls. Good luck.

Question: Dear Charlotte, When responding to the disgruntled student regarding what s/he considers an inept professor, shouldn't you have requested attendance records from those persons, such as those days not attended, but also tardiness and early departures? I do not know who or what class this may be, but I have often found that the student who believes s/he missed a lot was also absent, tardy, or left early. I would like to suggest that there are more constructive ways of dealing with this situation than the proforma faculty evaluation popularity contest.

Answer: My forum, given my advanced age, provides answers to questions, rather than cross-examinations! Nevertheless, you are on the mark in suggesting that there are more constructive ways of dealing with such a situation (discussing the issue with the instructor or the department chair). In the response you refer to, however, the fact that it was at the end of the term meant that the faculty evaluation was the student's best option.

Question: When are final grades available for viewing?

Answer: Final grades are available on WebAdvisor within 4 days of the last scheduled day for exams. For Fall Term, December 14 was the last day of final exams, and grades were available on Tuesday, December 18.

Question: Can you get a better scholarship if you are on dean's list?

Answer: There are no specific scholarships earmarked for students on the Dean's List. However, students who excel at Hartwick are considered for Honors Convocation awards each year. Some of the awards given at this ceremony, in May, are from academic departments and others are more general in nature. Also, you might want to check the Scholarship Board outside the Financial Aid and Affordability Office or at for competitive scholarship opportunities awarded by outside foundations and organizations.

If you have additional questions about financial aid you should contact the Financial Aid and Affordability Office, 104 Arnold Hall, x4130,

BTW, (by-the-way, right?) congratulations if you made the Dean's List--it's an impressive achievement and you should be proud of a job well done!

Question: How do I go about "taking time off" or withdrawing from a semester at Hartwick? Is it possible to not do anything during J Term and take the month off?

Answer: It IS possible to take J Term off--although 'to not do anything' might not be the best reason to do so. The January Term is an integral part of the academic year at Hartwick--and part of the course load that will keep you on track to graduate. On the other hand, students often do have compelling reasons to take J Term off--because they need to work, for example, or live so far from home that this is the only time during the academic year they spend with their families. All students who decide not to take a class during that time must be aware that they'll be 3 credits behind and must compensate for that during Spring Term or at some other time.

If you decide to take J Term (or any other semester) off, you will need to contact Jane Bachman, the Assistant Director of Registration (, x4095 in 410 Dewar) in order to complete the necessary paperwork for a General Leave of Absence. If you are not on campus, you must send, via fax (607-431-4260) or regular mail, a letter signed by you requesting the leave.

Question: When do the meal plans reset?

Answer: It is possible to change meal plans in the first 2 weeks of each semester (including the current one). I would suggest contacting Barbara Konze in Residential Life if that is what you'd like to do.

Here is a question from the archives that may be helpful at this time:

Question: "How can I find out if anyone wants a roommate? My roommate is moving out and I want a new one. Is there a place I can go to find out who is in a double room but is the only one living there? I really want a roommate and I don't know what to do. Help me!"

Answer: You need to contact Zach Brown, interim director of residential life ( or extension 4504). He has a list of students who are in need of a roommate. Good luck!