Ask Charlotte Answers 4/14/08

Question: Is Hartwick taking any actions toward improving the campus' accessibility for physically disabled students, faculty, or visitors? I think too many of our buildings lack elevators, especially the dorms. I often see students on crutches, hobbling all the way up our many flights of stairs. Doesn't anyone think this may prevent some applicants from applying to the school?

Answer: Our hillside location presents challenges for physically disabled individuals to navigate the campus. When requested, the College makes every effort to achieve a reasonable accommodation. Accessibility to buildings is considered whenever a building is constructed or renovated. For example, Golisano Hall is an accessible building and also will provide an accessible path to Binder Gymnasium.

Question: Charlotte, Why is the keynote speaker for the graduating class a nanoscientist, in a niche that only a very small proportion of the class will be able to relate to, rather than an influential person in a more universal field? Also, why doesn't the senior class get a say in who the speaker will be?

Answer: This response comes from President Miller (who is not a descendant of mine!):

Because we do not pay commencement speakers, and arrangements have to be made at least six months in advance, I have personally assumed the task of recruiting a commencement speaker. President-Elect Drugovich may follow a different process and choose to involve the graduating seniors in playing a role in the selection. I have tried to select distinguished people who have had a major impact on some aspect of society, and who have interesting personalities. Beyond the intricacies of his nanoscience, this year's speaker's influence is based on his personal charisma and charm and his resulting ability to obtain enormous government and private sector support resulting in very important economic development and job growth in eastern upstate New York. An accomplished scientist, he has put his academic background "in practice" outside the laboratory with great success.

Question: I'm a two-year alum and I have been moving around a lot, so cash isn't really at hand for me. I used to work for WickWire back in my freshman year, so I know how hard those kids work. I've asked that I be taken off the call list for some time and I still get calls. Who do I speak to about this?

Answer: WickWire will promptly remove anyone from the call list who does not want to be contacted by telephone. I’m very sorry that you’ve asked to be removed in the past and it didn’t happen–as I’m sure you know, we train WickWire callers to take that request seriously. Please contact Paul Bliss, WickWire Manager at 607-431-4265 or and your request will be honored.

Question: Why do we even do OH Fest anymore? I thought it was in part to host bands that the entire community would enjoy, and not just what some group of 18-20 year old students would like to see? I’m only 25 and have never heard of such bands as the ones playing OH Fest this year. Like last year, OH Fest is just going to be another self-serving event that was meant to be for the entire community. These bands, I’m sorry, are not going to bring the community together. I, along with many others, am not going to be attending this year. Why not? No reason to. OH Fest is simply catering to a small group of students.

Answer: As your question is largely an opinion, I will not reply with an opinion, in kind!

Question: Why does Hartwick suck so much and how soon can I leave!

Answer: The first half of your statement is also expressing an opinion, so I will reply only to the second half. If you feel it will be in your best interest to leave Hartwick you may, of course, do so at any time (but remember that April 14 is the deadline for withdrawing from any course with a grade of ‘W’). I would suggest that you meet with Jane Bachman in 410 Dewar to discuss your goals, your plans, and your options. And, if you do decide to depart, you will need to meet with Ms. Bachman to complete the proper paperwork and an exit interview prior to withdrawing from the College.

Question: I am really interested in buying a letterman's jacket or school jacket –and they're only about $200. Who would I talk to in order to get the bookstore to sell these? Do you need permission from Hartwick to buy from a vendor who is not affiliated with Hartwick? I heard you have to have permission to use "Hartwick College" on a clothing article because of advertisement issues–is this true?

Answer: According to my friends in Athletics, lettermen jackets are typically awarded to varsity letter award winners and not an item for purchase from a bookstore. Currently, athletic merchandising is ordered, purchased, and distributed by the athletic department. The contact person is Eric Nichols. “Hartwick College” is licensed–most reputable companies will seek permission prior to embroidery. For more information, please contact Eric Nichols, assistant athletic director, or Debbie Warren, athletic director, for further information

Question: When will they adjust the clock in front of Johnstone to Daylight Saving Time?

Answer: Oddly enough, we apparently have no control over this clock! The time is automatically set in conformance to an atomic clock via satellite. The onset of daylight saving time was much earlier this year, and perhaps the control clock and/or satellite haven’t been reprogrammed to reflect this. Hopefully the stars (and satellites) will align soon, and the time will reset correctly. Speaking personally, it’s bad enough when you are perpetually lost in time!

Question: What is this year's theme for graduation?

Answer: The College does not have a theme for Commencement.