Ask Charlotte Answers 9/24/07

Question: Charlotte, now that I've graduated I need to get an official sealed copy of my transcripts for my job--how do I go about getting these sent where I need it to go? Also is there a cost for this, and if there is how much is it and what for?

Answer: I apologize for the delay in answering these questions. I did a good bit of traveling over the summer--but I'm happy to be back with all of you at Hartwick College now! And, as I'm sure that others will benefit from knowing this information, here it is:

In order to obtain an official sealed copy of your transcript, you will need to either complete a transcript request form online or in the Office of Advising and Registration (formerly known as the Registrar's Office) on the 4th floor of Dewar or mail that office a signed letter requesting a transcript. The cost of each transcript is $5 (which covers the cost of postage and "handling")--and this must accompany the request. As long as there are no holds on your account, your transcript will be sent out promptly to whatever address you have requested.

Question: Why is it that most things our school tries to improve on end up becoming less attractive and more complicated, like this new website? Maybe the administration is trying too hard, like the case with the commons--what a disappointment.

Answer: I'm sorry that you feel that way about the new Web site. Reaction from other students, faculty, staff, and alumni has been very positive. Our aim is always to improve things--whether the Web site or the Commons. In the new design of the Web site (as well as in the renovation of the Commons!), input from students was solicited. Many student suggestions--more pictures of people, more stories about the Hartwick community, blogs etc.-- have all become part of the new Web site.

Of course, if you have comments, suggestions, or have encountered any issues with the Web site--we want to hear about it! Please feel free to contact Stephanie Brunetta,, the Web Content Manager, or Fran Borrego,, Director of Marketing and Communications.

Question: Charlotte, every year U.S. News and World reports comes out with their college rankings. I am a junior now and I see that Hartwick is still sitting in the third tier. However, what bothers me is that the college right across the street, SUNY Oneonta, just rose from 83rd to 57th place in the Top Master's North category and it is reported in the Daily Star that SUNY Oneonta won't even look at a high school senior's transcript if their average is not a 90. Why doesn't Hartwick get that competitive? It would only help, and not hurt the school. I was disgusted when I saw on that Hartwick accepts 83% percent of its applicants. If I am disgusted by how easy it is to get into Hartwick, I can only imagine what my future employer may think.

Answer: Hartwick has long had an Admissions policy of not reducing a person to SAT scores (which, of course, didn't exist in my time) or strictly numbers. We look at the whole person. Nevertheless, when you were admitted three years ago Hartwick was ranked in Tier Four of the U.S. News, and has since moved up to Tier Three. After reading your question, I also cast my now ancient eyes on the U.S. News rankings and saw a couple of things that might pique your curiosity about ratings. The first ranking, for peer reputation, is determined from U.S. News surveys of other college presidents, vice presidents, and deans. Hartwick's score is the highest among all schools in our group. You might also be surprised to learn that there is even a Tier One school that accepted 96% of applicants! Several other Tier One schools have a higher acceptance rate than ours, which is currently 78%.

As for what your future employer may think, I feel sure that most will be more interested in the experiences you've had at Hartwick--whether through your classes, global travel, or internships--and the person you've become through your education here than Hartwick's admission rate. But don't take my word for it--take the opportunity to speak with some of Hartwick's graduates at the Alumni Weekend (October 19-21) and hear some of their stories.