2/23/09 Ask Charlotte Answers

Greetings and welcome to the Hartwick community as we settle into Spring Term! I trust that this will be a good semester for one and all—and I look forward to hearing from many of you.

Question: Hey Charlotte, why does it seem like you only answer questions selectively? My roommate and I submitted multiple questions in the fall semester and have not seen answers for any of them. We thought our questions were appropriate and relevant. What's the deal?

Answer: As you may know, although I am a spirit, I am not omniscient. I don’t intentionally answer your questions selectively; however, I do wait until I have all the information I need before I answer questions. Clearly, finding the answers to some questions is more time-consuming than for others.

Please be assured that your questions are still on my spiritual docket, and will be answered at some point in the not-too-distant future.

Question: I was just wondering if there is any form of nutritional counseling on campus? I have been having issues with my weight and would like to start learning to eat better as well as figuring out the best plan health plan for me.

Answer: Hartwick does not have a nutritionist on campus. If you would like to see one, your best route is to make an appointment at Perrella for an evaluation; they can then refer you to a local nutritionist.

 Tara Loewenguth, Director for Wellness Education, has a shelf outside her office (421B Dewar) with many useful brochures, among them ‘Healthy Snacks & Active Breaks,’ ‘Junk Food Quiz,’ and ‘Healthy Snacks—Eating Right,’ which offer suggestions on how to eat more healthily and exercise more—a good combination for weight loss! This link to “15 Diet Tips to Beat the ‘Freshman 15’” also may be helpful. Good luck to you!

Question: Why did the pole barn get the name pole barn? What does it mean?

Answer: I’m sure that ‘pole barns’ were originally given that name because of their construction (a barn-like roof supported by poles). These days, however, the name refers to any large barn-like storage area, which fits Hartwick’s ‘pole barn’ to a T.

Question: In the back of books in the bibliography there is often (in some books there are more than others) a listing that just says: Ibid. Ibid?...what does this mean!? And what am I supposed to do about citations in Chicago style citation format when I come across Ibid?

Answer: ‘Ibid.’ is an abbreviation for ‘ibidem’, meaning ‘in the same place.’ It’s used to indicate the reference that was just previously cited. The ‘Chicago Manual of Style Online’ may be helpful in determining how to handle such a reference.

Question: The shipping/mailing room in Clark Hall does not sell any packaging items to mail/ship things in, such as mailing envelopes or small cardboard boxes...yet, they are sold in the bookstore in Dewar, why is this so? Doesn't it make more sense to sell them where the packing and shipping area is?

Answer: It might well be a bit more convenient to sell these items in the mailroom—however the mailroom is a mailroom, and not a store. And, in reality, the two spaces are not very far apart. Think of it as an opportunity to increase your activity level for the day!

Question: Dear Charlotte, In Oneonta there is a store on Main Street, across from the area where the farmer’s market sets up during the spring and fall called Saratoga Trunk. I have wanted to browse through there for quite some time but whenever I have tried to, they are always closed. There are no open/closed business hours listed on the display window, door, or anywhere so I am puzzled and was hoping you could tell me when their business hours are so I can finally look around. Thank you.

Answer: When I’ve glided by that window in the past, there has been a sign directing interested persons to the Building 203 store nearby. I would suggest that you start there; at the very least they may be able to point you in the right direction.