4/27/09 Ask Charlotte Answers

Question: What is the ‘dollar down committee’? Is there an online link to them?

Answer: The ‘Dollar Down’ and ‘Dollar Up’ committees were established last year in response to the economic challenges that Hartwick is facing (similar to those faced by many private, liberal arts colleges). Comprised of staff and faculty, the committees ‘brainstormed’ to come up with ideas to reduce expenses (in the ‘Dollar Down’ committee) and increase revenue (in the ‘Dollar Up’ committee). Their findings were forwarded to Cabinet. There is currently no information online regarding the committees.

Question: Why doesn't Hartwick have Ecology major or minor? I think if Hartwick offers unconventional majors such as Spanish and Theatre arts the least they could do is broaden the Environmental Science and Policy minor that is available at Hartwick with the social science of the interactions people have with other living organisms both human and non-human in their environments, such as anthropology, and combine it all into one optional major, ecology. Why is there a gap in the social science programs available here, isn't this supposed to be a liberal arts school?

Answer: Although Hartwick does not currently offer a major or minor in Ecology, it does offer students the option of an Individual Student Program, or ISP.

As you may know, this is a self-designed program—and it looks as if you already have a concept for a very interesting ISP! I suggest that you contact Professor Lisle Dalton, Coordinator of Individual Student Programs.

A discussion with a professor of Biology or Geology may be helpful regarding creation of minor in Ecology.

Question: So, Charlotte, my problem is my roommate's mother, a woman who does not understand the meaning of sleep, or when is a good time to call. My roommate has her own schedule and comes and goes to suit herself, and she and I get along O.K. enough, she parties a little but no big deal. The problem is her mother, who will call my roommate's extension at midnight, one thirty a.m., two a.m., and four a.m. looking for my roommate. On weekdays, she'll call at 6 a.m. to make sure my roommate is up for class. How do I know she's calling in the middle of the night when we don't have caller id? Simple. Her mother calls MY MOTHER at an equally ungodly hour and asks my mother to call me, and see if we're in the room because she can't reach her daughter. Needless to say, this has irritated my family lots, since she's doing it a lot lately, about once or twice every couple of weeks. I know my parents have been terse with her about calling when it's not an emergency (my little brothers are four and eighteen months, so you can see how much my mom loves these late night phone calls) and now are starting to get mad at ME. I've told my roommate, but her answer is always the same, ‘Oh, that's my mom.’ She told me to just unplug her phone on Friday and Saturday night, but the one time I did, her mother got so hysterical that she called campus security and they came and knocked on the door with my RA around midnight and woke me up. My RA is aware of the situation, my parents have spoken to housing but they were told there's nothing they can do. I'm stuck in the middle of everybody and frankly, I'd like some sleep. Any ethereal recommendations?

Answer: The best route for you at this point is to meet with Zach Brown, Director of Residential Life, about the possibility of changing rooms—or about discussing with your roommate some solution to this problem.

Question: Charlotte, I can never seem to find my advisor and he's hardly ever in his office during office hours. I like my advisor and don't want to switch to another, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do when I can't find him to get signed in to courses. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Answer: Pre-registering via WebAdvisor (or e-reg) is a perfect solution to situations such as these! If you need guidance with e-reg, instructions are on-line. If you’d rather have hands-on instructions, students in the LOFT are available to help.

And, most of important of all, please let your advisor know that you are having difficulty reaching him.

This addendum (from the Office of Advising & Registration) followed publication of this column:

'If you've declared a major, you can get help from any other advisor in your department, or you can seek out assistance directly from the chair of your department.

If you can't find anyone in your department and you're a first year student, pay Nejla Camponeschi a visit. She's the Assistant Dean of First Year students and is located on the 4th floor of Dewar.

If you're undeclared and can't find your advisor, stop by OAR and pay Joe Ficano a visit. He's Hartwick's Undeclared specialist!

If you're a transfer student and can't find anyone in your department, stop by OAR and see Jane Bachman. She's Hartwick's transfer student specialist!'

Question: Dear Charlotte, I have to do research for a paper, but the German-Stevens library doesn't have the books that I need. How do I interlibrary loan a book? Also, does it cost anything? Thanks.

Answer: The answer to all these questions (and more!) can be found on the Stevens-German Library Web site.

Question: What community service type events on campus are available during this month of April, when Earth Day falls on the 22nd? I have yet to hear of anything constructive or creative.

Answer: I was unable to discover any events on campus around Earth Day. As you may know, Wellness Week and OH Fest made it a busy time!

I would encourage you all to attend the Eco-Art Festival at Pine Lake this Saturday (May 2) to enjoy that very special place!

Question: Dear Charlotte, There is so much to do on campus. I'm the president of an organization. How can I get more students involved? Thanks!

Answer: The start of the semester is an ideal time to inform students of your organization, at the Taste of Wick. At this point in the semester it may be a good idea to reserve a table outside the Commons to promote your organization (and perhaps even recruit more members to become involved!).

Question: I was wondering what the policy was on people of the opposite sex showering together was they are boyfriend and girlfriend. The RA said that it was against school policy. Thanks.

Answer: This question did make me feel a bit faint… But I persevered, and found the following policy: Males must use male-designated bathrooms; females must use female-designated bathrooms. In residences with private bathrooms (i.e. Leitzell, Townhouse and on-campus houses) the residents of those areas make the “house” rules regarding the bathroom.

Question: The housing selection process is coming up quickly, and I have a question regarding acquiring points. I know that grade point average and club participation count toward housing points, but what about being in the Honor's Program or being in the honor society for your major? I'm not sure if those give you points as well...

Answer: I’m sorry this response is a bit late…however, it will be useful information for next year!

You may view all the details of the housing selection process on the Web site.

Although there are no points associated with being in the Honors program, there is Honors housing available. You may contact Barb Konze (konzeb@hartwick.edu) for more information.

Question: I am a senior graduating in May and I thought that we received a certain number of free invitations. Is this true and if so, when will we be getting them? I was also wondering who I can contact to keep my Hartwick email after graduation. Thank you!

Answer: Seniors receive a packet of Commencement announcements. They will be handed out on April 27 and 28 at the Bookstore.

Commencement information has been sent to your Hartwick mailbox in Dewar Hall and to your Hartwick email (most recently, two gold sheets with information on each side). It’s especially important to check you Hartwick email and mailbox regularly at this time!

All Commencement information is also on the Commencement page of the Web site. Good luck as you finish your senior year! If you have further questions, please contact Sara Pickett (picketts@hartwick.edu).

If you wish to keep your Hartwick email address after graduation, you may either contact the HELP desk, or email your request to: postmaster@Hartwick.edu.

Question: When is our school's contract with Aramark up and what is the appropriate forum for students to express dissent with the quality of food services on campus?

Answer: The Aramark dining contract is a long term contract, though Hartwick does have the right to terminate the contract at any time with appropriate notice.

Aramark Dining conducts surveys and uses that information for menu changes, etc. These surveys seem a very good way to express your feelings about the food service; oddly enough, though, the participation in these surveys has tended to be quite low.

Other options for making your opinion heard include putting suggestions in the suggestion box in the Commons; visiting with Rick Accordino (Manager of Aramark Food Services); and attending and speaking at Student Senate meetings.