5/11/09 Ask Charlotte Answers

Dear Friends,

I felt sure that  I could count on the Hartwick community for an answer to the question ‘How did Strawberry Field get its name?’--and I was correct.

Peter Blue informed me that in the 1970s there were, indeed, wild strawberries in that area! Thank you, Peter.

Question: I am a rising senior and I am intrigued by the new technology options for next year. I do not have the money on me at this time to upgrade to a Macbook Pro but I would like to put it on my student account, like other school supplies. Why can't upperclassmen have the technology upgrade charged to their student account like freshman can? The school is getting the money in the end, why does it matter how it gets there and in which form? I know many students have wanted to take advantage of the upgrade but were disheartened because they needed to have the money upfront and in these times, no one has that kind of money upfront. Thanks!

Answer (from my friends in IT ): Beginning in the summer of 2009 the College will no longer be distributing laptops to students as part of tuition and will not be offering upgrades as in the past. Instead, students will have the option to purchase a laptop computer directly from a Hartwick-recommended vendor or to use a laptop of their own choosing as long as it meets the College’s minimum standards.

We are currently working with Lenovo and Apple on hardware and software bundles for 2009 that any Hartwick student—freshman, sophomore, junior or senior–may purchase. Payments for these bundles will be made directly to the vendor, who may, from time-to-time, offer financing options in addition to accepting credit card transactions. Since the College will no longer be purchasing the laptops, it will not be in a position to permit students to charge them to their student accounts.

Question: Does Hartwick provide a 5 hour pre-licensing course for a driver’s license? Where can I sign in for this?

Answer: Baxter’s Driving School uses our facilities (usually Clark Hall) to offer the 5-hour course on campus. It’s typically offered once a month. Their number is 607-797-7776.

Question: Why are so many freshmen allowed to park in the upperclassmen lot out at New Res? I have seen campus safety checking parking stickers and seemingly 'forgetting' to ticket these 4 freshmen who have been parking there all year. It seems like in times of economic downturn when the school is making so many budget cuts, that even these 4 tickets a day would make 80 dollars a day in revenue. That's enough to keep the pool open on Saturdays. In case campus safety needs their memory jogged, the offenders drive: a blue Pontiac sedan, a red Jeep Liberty, a really old white Toyota Camry wagon, and a green Ford Escape. I would love to list license numbers and the students names, but unfortunately I have some semblance of respect for their privacy. Please help campus safety to do their job. Thank you.

Answer (from Tom Kelly, Director of Security): Thank you for your question. As on most campuses, parking continues to be an ongoing concern here. I can tell you that safety officers strive for consistency and even-handed approaches regarding College policies, especially when it comes to parking.

Freshmen parking is clearly marked within the middle of the Miller/Johnstone Lot. At times when that lot is full, safety officers have used their discretion and not ticketed freshmen if they’re parked in the area beyond the end of the Freshmen Lot (the Oyaron & Hilltop lot.) The reason for this is, typically, that lot has 20-30 open spaces at any one time. Freshmen cars, should not, however, be parked in spaces close to Oyaron/Hilltop which take away choice spaces from upperclassmen. If they do, they are subject to being ticketed. This morning (April 23), that area was checked and no freshmen vehicles were observed. This area will continue to be monitored closely. We will also look at the possibly of designating a freshmen overflow area in the far back corner of the Oyaron/Hilltop lot near the bank where cars are rarely if ever parked. This may help alleviate the problem. Thank you again for your question.

Question: Dear Charlotte, I'm interested in different aspects of campus media. What are the different organizations on campus and how can I get involved?

Answer: Hilltops, the campus newspaper, and WRHO, the campus radio station, are both prime opportunities for involvement in campus media. You may review all of the organizations on campus on the Hartwick Web site.

Question: Charlotte, Why are the majority of the doors locked on campus? For example, many times I have tried to enter through Laura's Cafe during its open hours, but the door has been locked! Tell me, what is the point of having a door if you cannot use it?

Answer (from my friends in Campus Safety): The doors leading into Laura’s Café from the double-doors nearest the entrance to the textbook store should be open whenever the building is open. At times, entrance may be restricted if there is an event going on in Laura’s and the organizers wish to control the flow of traffic for an event in the building. The doors leading into Table Rock Café from the deck facing Wilder Hall were checked and found to be locked. After consulting with an Aramark representative, those doors will now be open.

For fire-safety reasons, locked doors NEVER prevent someone from exiting a building, only entering.