Ask Charlotte Answers 9/15/08


I was just wondering how to write my mailing address for school; is it:

My name

Hartwick College

1 Hartwick Drive

P.O. Box 1159

Oneonta, NY 13820,

or is it:

My Name

Hartwick College

Dewar Union

1 Hartwick Drive

P.O. Box 1159

Oneonta, NY 13820

Answer: This is a timely question, as the address to which student mail should be sent has just been changed. The correct format follows (which is vital to receive all those boxes of goodies!):

Your name

Box number

Hartwick College 4021

Oneonta, NY 13820.

Question: This is less of a question and more of a complaint and a favor. I live in the Townhouses, and there is a crosswalk to get to it. Technically, and legally, cars are supposed to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. However, there have been at least a dozen times this past month alone where I have been walking in the crosswalk, and a car coming down the hill which can clearly see me, does not stop, instead I must stop so I don't get run over. There have even been times where the cars speed up so they can go in front of me, and have only avoided hitting me by me stopping, and it has been only by a few inches. I know it is late, but can you please remind everyone that it is illegal to do this? Furthermore, it is dangerous as many seem to think of it as a game of who can outrun the pedestrians. I am tired of almost getting hit by drivers who think they not only have the right of way, but are entitled to go as fast as they want around the corner by the Townhouses. Thank you.

Answer: Tom Kelly, Director of Campus Safety, came to my aid with this answer:

You raise an excellent point, and an important one. It is not only a courtesy to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks, in NYS it’s the law. Drivers who do not stop for pedestrians create a dangerous and unsafe situation for the many students, faculty, and staff who walk our campus daily.

In order to address this, during the summer additional signs were placed around campus to remind drivers and pedestrians of their responsibilities when traveling our campus. Also, this and other driver-safety information will be part of a Campus Safety educational program for returning community members in the fall to help keep our campus safe.

Thanks for reminding all of us of the importance of being aware of all pedestrians on campus, especially those in crosswalks. If someone’s in a crosswalk, you MUST yield to them and stop your car! Pedestrians, however, also have a responsibility when it comes to their safety. Pedestrians should walk on sidewalks or on the side of roadways where sidewalks aren’t available and not in the middle of the road, and should use designated crosswalks when crossing the street.

Working together, we can make this a safe campus.

Question: Why is the Commons menu not updated on the Web site? It took them until about October last year to get it up and the fall Commons menu is still up! I want to know what is for dinner before I hike up there and find out I have to eat cereal again!

Answer: In an effort to keeping you informed and up to date, the Hartwick College Food Service has launched Campusdish for the fall 2008. On this Web site you’ll see the Commons menu—as well as nutritional information, and much more.


Why doesn't the Commons have take-out containers like those available in Table Rock? I have an anxiety disorder and being around lots of people, even when I go to the Commons at non-typical times, has been so hard for me to do and comfortably eat there with one or two friends. The take-out containers would be so great to have in the Commons. I know a lot of people who don’t have the anxiety problems I do feel this way as well. Please Charlotte, bring this question to the people who run the Commons. Many thanks!

Answer: There are take-out containers available at the Commons to accommodate student needs. It is necessary for a student to meet with the Food Service Director to make this request—but that is all that is needed. Good luck!

Question: How do I find out who my faculty advisor is and how do I get in contact with her or him?

Answer: Another timely question—many thanks! All students—new and current—should know their advisors, and how to reach them. Your advisor is the person who can best help you create a schedule, make changes to it, and plan out your educational program at Hartwick. In fact, her/his signature is required each semester as you prepare to pre-register, as well as for any changes made during the semester.

You will find your advisor’s name at the top of your degree audit—which you may access through WebAdvisor. You may e-mail your advisor through WebAdvisor, too; see the link under “Communications.”

You may find your advisor’s office hours online ; they are also posted in the Office of Advising & Registration (OAR) on the 4th floor of Dewar.

Question: I have a few questions for you: Do we have a director of career services? If so, what is his or her function on campus? Is Dewar on anyone's radar for repair/updates? This building—the old half—is getting kind of run down. Since this is the student 'union' why aren't there more student gathering spaces? Why is the 4th floor administrative offices? Why don't we have an administration building that contains student accounts, financial aid, and the registrar on one floor? Doesn't that make sense to anyone? I mean it's all fine and good to walk up and down hill from Arnold to Dewar when I have to clear a hold, but why not have these offices on the same floor of the same building?

How do you make dandelion wine?

Answer: I, in turn, have a few answers for you:

The Office of Career Development and Education (CD&E) is a part of the Office of Experiential and Integrative Learning, headed by Katrina Zalatan, the Dean of E&IL. There are two advisors in the CD&E office—Lara Sanford and Melissa Marietta—who help students with everything from interest surveys, internships, and job-shadowing experiences to tips on resumes, interviews, and networking—all with the intent of finding the right place for each student after graduation, whether in the working world or in further education. This office is a valuable resource to all students, from first year to seniors! Visit the Career Development and Education Web site for more information—and be sure to stop by the CD&E office on the first floor of Golisano Hall.

Dewar Union IS on the list for issues related to deferred maintenance. There also are discussions related to a reconfiguration of Table Rock Café. These discussions are in the preliminary phases with Aramark Dining Services. The fourth floor of Dewar did at one time contain the offices of Student Accounts, Financial Aid, and Registrar, all on one floor (1998-2003)—with the idea of offering ‘one-stop shopping’ to students. In 2003, at the same time that Student Accounts and Financial Aid moved to Arnold Hall, the Office of Residential Life moved to the 4th floor of Dewar. Student Accounts and Financial Aid moved to the 2nd floor of Bresee this fall!

Regarding dandelion wine—this has never been a favorite of mine, so I have no recipe of my own. And I’m sure you’ll Google up a great recipe!

Question: Hi Charlotte, I'm a graduating senior and I've enjoyed my time here very much, but there are a few areas of this school that I think could use improvement, areas that administrators might not pick up on since they do not live here. I've heard that all seniors give an exit interview but I don't know when that's supposed to happen or if that would be the proper forum for voicing my opinions. Do you know anything about senior exit interviews and how they work? Thank you.

Answer: At this point in time Hartwick College does not offer across-the-board exit interviews for its seniors—although some academic departments do. It is a valuable idea. At the same time, you should feel free to offer your constructive criticism of the College. You may send it to my attention, if you’d like, and I will forward it to the appropriate administrator (as I will for your suggestion of an exit interview).

Question: Do students graduating from private colleges have better opportunities and chances than students who graduated from state schools? If they do, why?

Answer: I am a firm believer that every individual is responsible for his or her own success—whether at a public or a private school, or in the school of Life. There are certainly very successful individuals who graduated from public colleges, and less-than-successful ones who graduated from private colleges. There are even successful individuals who did not attend college.

That said, not all institutions of higher learning have the same career development resources available to their students. Hartwick, which maintains very close relationships with alumni and parents, offers valuable networking opportunities, such as MetroLink and BinghamtonLink. I encourage students to take advantage of the resources available through the Career Development & Education Office (now located on the first floor of Golisano Hall) by stopping in or visiting their Web site.

Question: Charlotte, I'm ticked. I have a Hartwick laptop and I just started graduate school. Sygate is making my life a real problem and several of the tech people I've taken it to say that they can't remove the program. How do I get Sygate off my laptop when I don't need it anymore?

Answer: This response came from my good friends in Technology Services: When students leave Hartwick, they should run the Hartwick-provided factory restore disks on their computers to reset their laptop to factory settings. This gets rid of all the Hartwick software, such as Sygate. It also gets rid of Microsoft Office and Symantec Antivirus, but those two programs are on an academic license and they only have the rights to use them while they’re students at Hartwick College. If a student no longer has these restore disks they may be able to get them from us, just call 607-431-4357. If we no longer have the disks for the student’s model, they can contact Hewlett Packard/Compaq directly at 800-474-6836.