10/19/09 Ask Charlotte

Dear Friends,

After my last column was posted, I received an e-mail with some helpful information—where one may find the hours of operation for the Table Rock Café! It can be found (along with a plethora of other useful information) on the Campusdish Web site. Many thanks!

Question: How do I get on Blackboard?

Answer: I find it fascinating (and faintly ironic) that this technological advancement bears the same name as the slate board I used for teaching in my day! You will find everything you need to know about Blackboard on the Web site.

Question: I do hope this doesn't count as singling out a member of the campus community, but I've just got a question about new policies I've heard that our president has enacted. I understand that rumors and whispers will always circulate, but I'm taken aback by the plausibility of these things I've heard. I've heard a variety of small policy changes from the color of the mulch around campus being changed, to requiring any groups who seek to paint the wall to submit a request to her, as well as strict poster hanging policies. I understand that it's absurd to expect an e-mail dictating her day-by-day decisions, but would changes like this be sent out? Are they in effect?

Answer: According to President Drugovich, she has not directed decisions on any of these policies. Decisions such as these would most likely be made by other Hartwick administrators—e.g. vice presidents and managers.

In researching the issues you raised, I was not able to identify any ‘policy’ regarding the color of the campus mulch. And the wall, while it borders Hartwick, is not Hartwick property; therefore Hartwick has no authority to impose any regulations (though cleaning up after oneself is certainly a common courtesy!). There is, of course, a long-standing tradition of signing and dating messages on the wall—which is generally acknowledged to forestall repainting for 24 hours.

A policy for review and approval of fliers by the Office of Student Affairs is currently in process; it is expected to be in place by the end of the semester. And fear not; the campus will be notified once it is in place.

Question: When can we start registering for J Term classes?

Answer: The pre-registration period for J Term and Spring Term will start November 2. Watch for e-mails from the Office of Advising & Registration (OAR) for more details.

If you have not yet pre-registered via electronic registration (or e-Reg) on WebAdvisor, I encourage you to do so--from the comfort of your own room! You will be able to view any holds on your account on WebAdvisor, as well as check the day and time you will be able to pre-register. If you need a review of the e-Reg process, you will find very comprehensive instructions--including a video tutorial--on the Web site. Should you need further assistance, one of the OAR staff (on the 4th floor of Dewar) will be happy to help.

Question: Who the heck picked the commencement speaker who spoke at the May '09 commencement ceremony!? I certainly did not vote for this guy; his speech was awful. The guy who gave the commencement speech doesn't even teach here, right? Who then voted for him?!?

Answer: This question has been raised before (see ‘Ask Charlotte 4/14/08’). As Hartwick does not pay for its commencement speakers, the speakers are arranged via personal connections and/or referrals. Though I did not hear this speaker firsthand, I have had a chance to overhear very positive comments from those who enjoyed the Commencement speech…so it is, indeed, a matter of perception.

In her 'State of the College' address, President Drugovich announced that, beginning in 2010-11, there will be a call for the campus to suggest possible Commencement speakers, as well as those who might be awarded honorary degrees.

In addition, the Hartwick community will have input as to who will be honored with the President’s Award for Liberal Arts in Practice. In case you are unaware, alumna and Nursing Professor Emerita Sharon Dettenrieder recently was the first to receive this award!