5/11/10 Ask Charlotte

Question: Hi Charlotte -- I'm not sure if I will live on campus next year or live at home and commute. If I sign up for a room and meal plan and change my mind before school starts in September will I be able to cancel without monetary penalty?

Answer: The current policy is that a student can change residency status (as long as it is within policy) until the start of the semester without penalty. As long as the student does not move into the room, she/he will get a full refund of her/his housing cost.

Question: My friend and I are doing research on the carillons (the bells) on campus. Can you provide us with any historical information about the bells?

Answer: Please see my column of 9/14/09 for the information I was able to glean (not much, I’m afraid!).

Question: My RA is excessively loud. She sings in her room all the time, ranging from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. On many occasions I have heard her and her boyfriend having sex. Who can I contact so that maybe my RA will understand that she needs to be quieter?

Answer: I suggest that your first step should be talking to your RA--problems cannot be resolved until they are addressed. It is possible that the RA is unaware of the issues--or at least the distress it’s causing other students. If that conversation doesn’t resolve the problem, then the next step would be to go to the RD of the building.

Question: What happened to the unsecured wireless network in the library? I live off campus and do not want to put Hartwick's software onto my computer, so I enjoyed being able to use the unsecured wireless Internet in the library to check my e-mail and surf the Web while on campus.

Answer: Per IT, at Hartwick we have been working to secure all our wireless access points for a couple of reasons. First, secured wireless means that the usage Hartwick students are paying for is available to them, and that our valued bandwidth is not being used by others. The second important reason is security. Data passing over the unsecured wireless network was in plain text, which made it easier for someone to intercept and use that data. On the secure wireless, the data is encrypted, so your transactions are more private.

Overall, we feel that the benefits of a secured network outweigh the inconveniences, and allow us to better protect your private data.

The following questions were (as you might guess) submitted during the winter months:

Question: There are several large potholes in the Shineman parking lot. When will they be repaired?

Answer: I’m happy to report that I observed these potholes being repaired the very day after I received this question!

Question: My room in Holmes hall gets disgustingly hot during the night (I often wake up in quite a sweat), and there is no thermostat that I can find in the room. Who do I contact about turning down the heat?

Answer: A questions regarding the heating systems of residence halls was submitted in the fall. Please see my column from the week of 11/9/09 for the response.