9/14/09 Ask Charlotte Answers

Welcome to the Class of 2013--and welcome back to all returning Hartwick community members! May this year be an outstanding one for all.

I've addressed below some questions from the spring, as well as questions that came in during the summer. I hope to hear from many of you this year!

Question: Hello! I heard that my Microsoft Outlook/school e-mail can be transferred to another e-mail that I prefer using. Can you find out how to have my e-mails forwarded to my other e-mail address? Thanks.

Answer: This is not a service we’re offering at this time. Admissions will send e-mails to non-Hartwick accounts prior to a student’s first semester, but after that all communications go through the Hartwick e-mail account.

That’s why it’s crucial that all students check their e-mail regularly—and make sure that their mailbox is not full—so that they don’t miss important information.

Question: If you live in a sorority house can you use the commuter meal plan and can you eat in the Commons on that plan?

Answer: The commuter meal plan is available to all Hartwick students living off campus (and in some cases, those who live on campus)—and all students with meal plans may eat in the Commons. You may read the details on meal plans on the Hartwick Web site.

Question: Hi Charlotte! If my boyfriend comes to visit me at college, can he stay overnight? Also, is there a limit to how many times he can stay overnight per semester? Thank you in advance!

Answer: Overnight guests are allowed in the residences—but they MUST register with the floor’s resident advisor. You may read about maximum stays and other important information in the online Student Handbook.

Question: 40k a year for this school and now I need to pay to park here? What’s up with the new change? It would have been nice to have a warning of this change too. I am a religious e-mail checker and never once saw a notice of this new charge. Thanks.

Answer: The parking fee (for staff and faculty, as well as all students—rather than just freshmen, sophomores and juniors) was a suggestion that came out of the ‘Dollar Up' Committee. This committee was organized earlier this year in response to the effects of the current economy. In reviewing parking policy at similar colleges, it was discovered that most colleges charge a parking fee (often much higher than $50) and have done so for years—so it was considered an appropriate fee to implement. Although seniors were not notified directly of this change, the parking Web site was updated over the summer.

And if community members decide to leave their cars at home as a result of the fee—think of the positive effect it will have for the environment!

Question: Where do freshmen park their vehicles?

Answer: In my day our concern was where to tie our horses, and perhaps a carriage...but that was a long time ago! Currently there are two places on campus where freshmen may park: in the center of the Miller/Johnson Lot (where you’ll see ‘Freshman Parking’ signs) and in the overflow lot located south of Binder Gym. You may read more about campus parking online in the Parking Regulations Handbook.

Question: I am a recent graduate and was wondering how to access a list of the awards I received while at Hartwick and a description of those awards.

Answer: Congratulations to you—and to the rest of the Class of 2009, as well! I wish you much luck in the world beyond Hartwick College.

If you are referring to honors awarded at Honors Convocation, you will need to contact either Sarah Pickett or Karyl Clemens to obtain the program that describes the awards, and indicates to whom they were given. These awards will not appear on your transcript or on any official document. Your transcript will indicate the degree awarded and date, along with departmental distinction, College honors, and laude honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, laude) if appropriate.

Question: I understand the need to curb wasteful printing, but don't you think that charging us for every single page that we print is excessive? Most schools I know that charge for printing allow each student to print 35-50 pages per day for free before they begin to charge. Allowing a certain number of pages for free before charging would still curb wasteful printing while still allowing legitimate printing to be done for free.

Answer: According to my friends in IT, this policy is currently under discussion. The details should be ironed out very soon—at which time an appropriate announcement will be released.

Question: Who is responsible for selecting and performing the music that tolls from the Yager Hall carillon?

Answer: I'm glad you asked about the carillon--whose music punctuates our day! The carillon was a class gift in the 1980s, and a number of tapes came with it (or were purchased at the same time). There are four tapes of classical music, two of Christmas carols, one of ‘America the Beautiful,’ and one of the alma mater. Within that repertoire, the choice is made by a member of the Facilities staff.