9/28/09 Ask Charlotte

Question: What off-campus stores currently accept the WICKit card?

Answer: I’m not quite sure when the fashion of using a small plastic card instead of good American dollars and cents to purchase items came into use—but that is just one of myriad changes since my time…

A number of restaurants and taxi services accept your WICKit card. There is a list of these establishments on the Web site.

And remember, if there’s a restaurant/store where you’d LIKE to be able to use your WICKit card, let the owner or manager know! Once they realize that Hartwick students are regular customers, they may be interested in becoming one of the participating businesses.

Question: Where are the picnic tables that were outside of the library steps? Are we getting them back? It is possible to have more benches along Frisbee Field? A

nswer: According to my friends in Yager, the picnic table was moved away due to its advanced age and poor condition. With such a short time until picnic season ends, it will likely be replaced in the spring.

And many thanks for the suggestion about more benches—it will certainly be passed on for consideration.

Question: I was wondering...how do I know if I'm in the right major?

Answer: An excellent question! The ‘right major’ can mean many things to many people. To some, it means the subject about which they feel the most passionate; to others it is the subject that may lead to the best job after college.

If you are finding your major classes engaging and enjoyable—but wonder whether you’ll find a job after college—take some time to talk with professors in the department, as well as Lara Sanford and Melissa Marietta in the Center for Career Development & Education. They will undoubtedly know of alumni who have gone on in the field—along with those who have used their major as a springboard for a seemingly unrelated career path.

If, however, you aren’t finding your courses interesting—and you feel that it’s feasible, at this point in your college career, to change majors—you may find ‘The Process: A Road Trip in Life’ helpful in exploring your path.

Joe Ficano, the Assistant Director of Advising, is always happy to speak with students who are exploring majors—and there are many resources in the Office of Advising & Registration (OAR) that may be helpful. Good luck to you!

Question: I am an upperclassman living in Saxton Hall, along with two freshmen. Why are certain freshmen (water polo players) allowed to live in an upperclass building, even when there are upperclassmen who have more housing points on the wait list to get into Saxton? Even though I'm sure these athletes are an asset to the College, it doesn't seem very fair to the students who probably pay more tuition since they don't play D1 sports, and have seniority.

Answer: The only way that new students can live in a residence hall such as Saxton or Wilder is if s/he is a transfer student or if s/he is living with an upperclass student who already secured a room in the residence hall via the housing selection. Student athletes tend to be very connected as a team and may choose to live with an incoming freshman in order to help with the transition to Hartwick.

We also have several non-student athletes who choose to live with roommates (perhaps friends from home) who are freshmen. In all cases, the current Hartwick student selects his or her room at the appropriate time.

Question: What are the hours for Table Rock Café? I can't find them anywhere online.

Answer: I, too, was unable to find complete schedule information on the Web site—aside from an announcement that Table Rock is now open until midnight! I’m sure that many students will be very happy about that news.

While wandering near the café, I was able to confirm that Table Rock is open 8:30 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday, and from 5:30 p.m. to midnight on Saturday and Sunday.

Question: I was wondering, can students sell their College-issued laptops? I am buying a new laptop and need some money to make up for the new purchase. If we are allowed to sell our laptops, would we have to uninstall the Microsoft office suite because it is owned by the College? What exactly would we have to do?

Answer (from my friends in Technology Resource Center): Microsoft Office and Symantec anti-virus are installed with academic licenses, and are legal only for as long as the user is a Hartwick student. Furthermore, Hartwick-issued computers have network and security settings intended for the Hartwick network that aren’t needed by the average computer user. Each Hartwick-issued computer came with a set of DVDs that can be used to restore the computer to factory settings. This process will reset the computer to be just as it would be if you bought it from a computer store. Not only will this take care of any licensing issues, it will also remove all of your personal information from the laptop. If you no longer have these disks, you can obtain them from the computer manufacturer for free or for a nominal shipping fee. If you have any questions about this process, please call the Technology Resource Center at 431-4357.