10/18/10 Ask Charlotte

Question: I've noticed some cable channels on campus have poor audio quality. You can barely hear the dialog and there is a loud static-like sound that is in the background. It makes these channels unbearable to watch. Last year I had this problem, but it wasn't as bad as it is this year, and it was on a different channel. Why is it like this, and who can I contact to get this issue fixed? The only channel I have noticed this problem is on 69, which is one of my favorite channels and it sucks that I can't watch it.

Answer: I have never quite puzzled out how these images magically appear on ‘televisions'...at any rate, students experiencing problems with their cable may contact Campus Televideo and click on ‘Service Request' --but I understand that this problem has already been resolved!

Question: Are there not daytime buses? Like on the SUNY Oneonta campus?

Answer: There are indeed daytime buses-and bus stops are an easy stroll away, on the corner of West Street and High Street, as well as on the corner of Center Street and Church Street. You may check these schedules on the OPT Web site. Of course the Hartwick bus continues with its evening schedule.

I hope that all are aware that this year Hartwick students who present their Hartwick identification card may ride on all OPT buses free of charge!

Question: What is the story with the little wedge-shaped parking "space" in back of Bresee Hall? Is it a real parking space? Can anyone park there?

Answer: Per Campus Safety, this is not a marked lane space and it is not legal to park there.

Question: Why can't students take food out of the Commons? I know that Table Rock is a place to go and get food to go, but there are fewer options and it costs extra money, compared to the Commons where it would be included in the meal plan.

Answer: The Commons is simply not a takeout facility. Students may eat all they please there-but cannot take it from the Commons (much as a customer would not be allowed to take food home from an all-you-can-eat buffet).

Students with scheduling conflicts or medical issues who cannot eat their food in the Commons may, of course, meet with the Food Service Director, and the Dining Service will do their best to accommodate them.

Question: In the most recent ask Charlotte, you responded to a complaint about laundry fees, saying it's just one of those things. My issue is that the school's inefficient ways should not become further financial burden on students who want a quality education and many of which struggle with the bills as it is.

What I mean by this is that the school could save so much money, just in the department of heating alone that I would be willing to wager that they could run laundry for free at no harm to the school. Why is van Ess kept at 90+ degrees in the winter? Walk by and see that most of those girls have their windows open in January. Not to mention most rooms have no sort of adjustment so most students overheat as soon as the heaters kick on. Just by controlling temps alone would be huge and save us money and further inflation of our burden.

Not to shoot the messenger, but I feel like this is just another weak cop-out on the part of the school.

Answer: Hartwick College has made a concerted effort to cut costs--without affecting the student experience-over the past few years, and has endeavored to become as 'efficient' as possible.

Unfortunately, cutting costs is not simple. For example, van Ess-and its heating system-were built in the late 1960s. There are only 2 heating zones in van Ess, which means that maintaining the proper temperature throughout the building can be a challenge. An air sensor and an automatic controller-both intended to respond to the temperature outside-were installed in the past 10 years, and the temperature control has improved somewhat. Clearly the temperature control is still not what it could be, but updating a heating system created 50 years ago (e.g. putting controls is each room) is quite costly. While the College would likely experience overall savings eventually, it's hard to say when the savings would overcome the cost of the update. In the meantime, of course, Aramark continues to seek solutions for heating issues in the residence halls.

Question: I was going to get a tutor but then I heard that Hartwick has a Math Lab for help, but can't find it anywhere - where is it?

Answer: The ‘Math Lab' or ‘Math Center' is in Johnstone 216. It is technically called the "Dr. Ethel B Callahan Mathematics Laboratory.' There are teaching assistants assigned to Statistics, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus courses that hold "office hours" in the Math Center several evenings a week.

Dr. Callahan was at Hartwick from 1943-61, and for quite a few years was the only math professor at the school. The math lab was named in her honor a few years ago as a part of a gift from alumni Robert Newnham '50 and Wendell Shawler '50. There is a display in the lab showing pictures of Dr. Callahan and some of her work-a piece of Hartwick history!