11/01/10 Ask Charlotte

Dear Friends,

In reference to a question in my last column regarding the Math Lab: Please note that students may also request individual Math tutors. To request a tutor, complete the tutor request form and return it to Jason Stanton, Tutor Coordinator.

Question: Where does the OPT bus pick students up now? I know they pick up in front of Smith...

Answer: The bus currently stops at Yager Hall, Smith Hall, Oyaron Lot, Rain Garden, and Saxton Hall. You may check online for the bus schedule.

Question: What is the final exam schedule for this semester (Fall 2010)? I really need to know this so I can book my flight home early before prices are through the roof...

Answer: You may view this semester's final exam schedule on the College Web site.

Question: Why do cars drive the wrong way on one-way streets on campus? Why aren't the drivers ticketed?

Answer: From my friends in Campus Safety: If a campus safety officer witnesses a driver driving the wrong way on one of our roads, they take the appropriate action--but they use their discretion. At times, the driver is a visitor to our campus or a new student and is confused by the one-way roads. Other times, the operator is fully aware of the one-way roads and consciously decides to drive against traffic. Depending on the situation, a campus safety officer may issue either a warning or a ticket.

Question: Are body piercings (e.g. lip, nose, tongue) dangerous?

Answer: The very thought of piercing anything but ears is very difficult for me to imagine, but as I float about campus I see that many other body parts are pierced these days!

Those who decide to pierce a body part must be aware that ARE risks involved, and so should be very careful where they have this done. The facility should be clean; the person who does the piercing should wash hands thoroughly and use sterile gloves; instruments should be sterilized properly or come from a freshly opened package. Risks include infection, allergic reactions, nerve damage, and (in the case of tongue piercings) damage to gums and teeth. In addition, those with diabetes, hemophilia, or an auto-immune disorder may run additional health risks. If you have any concerns, I suggest that you visit your health provider prior to having anything pierced.

Question: I have a question concerning hot water in the dorms. I get up at 5:30 a.m., and the water in my shower is always barely lukewarm at that time. However, when my roommate uses the shower around 9 a.m. she says the water is really hot. Is it because it is so early in the morning and the pipes are cold, or does the water temperature get turned down? It's been happening since September so I'm not sure about the cold pipes...I've never experienced this in any other building in the past three years. I was wondering if you had an explanation?

Answer: According to my friends in Facilities, all the residence halls have systems designed to supply hot water with little delay. This problem may indicate that a part needs to be replaced. It sounds very fixable-so it's wise to submit a work order as soon as possible!

Question: What does the "he" stand for on the new Hartwick Web site?

Answer: "he" is the icon to represent HartwickExperience.com.

This is Hartwick's social media site that was launched last February. The images on the www.hartwick.edu homepage are pulled in from HartwickExperience.com. Click on the image and you'll go to the specific story that a student, faculty member, or staff member has posted. You can register/login to the site and make comments. You'll notice that other social media icons are at the bottom of our page; the "he" icon is similar to "f" for Facebook, "t" for twitter, etc.