1/24/11 Ask Charlotte

Week of January 24, 2011

Question: Who can use the breakout rooms in Golisano Hall? Are they open to all students (just as long as no business majors are using them)? I'm just curious because I like to switch where I study rather than go to the library all the time.

Answer: The breakout rooms in Golisano are available to the campus community except when business classes are scheduled. Classes in session have priority use of the breakout rooms (so if a room is needed for a class, students may be asked to leave). Breakout rooms needed by a professor should be scheduled through Professor Penny Wightman in advance.

Question: Where on campus can students fax something? And or receive faxes?

Answer: There is a public fax machine for students to use at the Dewar Union Switchboard (on the 3rd floor). A calling card is needed for long-distance fax numbers. If a student needs to receive a fax, s/he may do so at this fax machine; the number is 607-431-7010. If the student can't wait for the fax to arrive, the Switchboard Operator will place it in the student's mailbox.

Question: I was wondering if you could explain why everyone keeps using the Reply to all option in e-mails. I find it rather annoying to have my inbox filled with multiple e-mails concerning certain sandwiches and ideas.

It also means that people are possibly missing more important e-mails concerning more important and pressing issues. I understand it is a debate and that people want to share their views with others, but why is there not a forum on black board where people can post about subjects that pertain to school-wide issues, and not continuously use the reply to all option.

I also am thinking that I am not the only student who has this view, and this is based from conversations I had with fellow students.

Answer: You are certainly not alone in this view; many in the Hartwick community share your frustration. It has been made clear many times that ZHDlists are not the proper venues for discussions. There ARE venues that are designed for such discussions: Agora (for students, faculty, and staff), Hartlist (for faculty); and Staculty (for staff & faculty).

One can only hope that the campus community will understand the frustration this misuse causes, and adhere to the guidelines regarding ZHDlists, so that they are used only for the ‘more important and pressing issues' you mention.

Question: Where on the Hartwick Web site is the breakdown of numerical grade to GPA? Is an 85.5 a B or B+?

Answer: The grade point average (or GPA) is based on a 4-point system. You may find the equivalency between letter grades and the 4 point system on page 219 of the College Catalog. There is no equivalency to the 100-point system.

Question: The WICKit deposit Web site has recently started to only take American credit cards. This school has a lot of foreign students from Brazil, Canada, England, New Zealand, Finland, etc. Is there any way we can make the WICKit deposit Web site a little more multicultural so we can use our credit cards too?

Answer: Thank you for pointing this out--the College wasn't aware that international cards were not working on the WICKit deposit Web site. This has been resolved, and WICKit deposit should now accept foreign cards.

Question: You replied about my inquiry to Gigantopithecus to use the wonderful Internet tool "Google." I guess I should have been more specific and said I wanted to know about the statue of Gigantopithecus on our campus. What is his history?

Answer: A number of people informed me that I'd missed the point of your question! It amazes me that after all my years on (and above) campus I never knew the name of that great ape...

Hartwick's own ‘Gigantopithecus' is the work of Hartwick alum Kevin Andersen '87; the College bought the statue from him in 1987. ‘Gigantopithecus' was his senior project, and was meant to portray an extinct primate whose fossilized remains were discovered in 1935. Gigantopithecus has been linked to the legend of the Yeti, or the "Abominable Snowman," and Bigfoot.

The statue has inspired some local legends, also--that it roams the city at night during the month of March, in some versions escorting students home safely, in others, causing their disappearance...

Question: Is it true that there was a meth lab on campus at one point? I have heard that the participants are also back in school, is this true too?

Answer: This question seems to come up every few years...and the answer remains the same: there was never a meth lab on the Hartwick campus.

Question: Hi, a bunch of my friends and I were talking last night and we came up with this idea. We think that there should be SUMMA type forms for all the RAs. That way Res Life can see what the actual students have to say about the RAs who are in their building because we are the ones who suffer from the bad RAs.

SUMMAs would be a way for students to have a say in which RAs are good and which others are bad.

Answer: I appreciate that you and your friends are thinking of ways to improve the Hartwick experience!

However, according to my friends in Student Affairs, this is not something that is being explored at this time. It was tried in the past and it did not garner enough constructive criticism to be useful.