3/7/11 Ask Charlotte

Question: Hi. When does the 2011-12 J Term Study Abroad information come out for trips that are offered? Thanks.

Answer: The Center for Interdependence has published the 2012 J Term schedule online. In addition, there should be information on the courses offered outside the Commons, in the Center for Interdependence (first floor of Golisano), and posted around campus.

Question: Hi Charlotte--I was wondering if you had any idea about how to go about inviting people from another country to graduation?

Answer: Congratulations on your impending graduation!

The procedure for inviting international guests to Commencement depends largely on the country from which they'll be coming; the best place to start may be the consulate or other governmental entity there. In some cases a letter from the College confirming the date of Commencement is needed. If that is the case, you may contact Matt Sanford, Registrar, for assistance.

There is a Web site dedicated to 2011 Commencement, should you have further questions.

Question: Does one have to switch their roommate every year or is there a way to keep the same person?

Question: Hi, I have a question about housing for upperclassmen. I'm a freshman now and I was wondering how housing gets done for next year. I've heard many different things as to how our rooms get picked.

Do we get to actually pick our own specific room ourselves? How does it work? Thanks!

Answer: This should answer both questions:

All rising Sophomores, rising Juniors, and rising Seniors choose their own roommate and select their room together--any room that is still available at their selection time--at housing selection in April. The decision to keep your roommate from year to year has to be a mutual decision between the roommates to stay together for the next year.

You may want to review the housing selection process on the Web site for more information.

Question: Regarding the lost-and-found issue, isn't there a central lost-and-found on campus? Wouldn't it make more sense to have all lost items returned to one location and just let people know that lost-and-found is located somewhere rather than send out e-mails all the time? I agree with that person who posted the original question--too many emails!

Answer: There is, indeed, a central lost-and-found location on campus! Any and all lost items may be turned in at the Campus Safety Dispatch Desk on the third floor of Dewar (near the Switchboard).

Question: Is there anywhere in the Anderson building where students can just play the piano for fun?

Answer: Yes, there are a number of soundproof practice rooms with pianos in Anderson that are available during building hours. They are located on the 2nd floor.

Question: Hi, I live in the New Res and we have been having an issue with our parking lot. The small problem is the huge pothole in the second-row driveway.

The other problem is freshmen in the parking lot. I don't see it as fair that I had to wait to have the PRIVILEGE to park in this lot, while now it seems that the freshmen don't have to wait for the privilege, they just park here. It would not be as large of an issue with the upperclassmen in New Res, if they parked in the back rows, but these freshmen are in the first two rows and within 50 feet of the building, spots that should be left open for those who are actually supposed to be there.

Also, yes we have notified Campus Safety numerous times about this problem, but it seems that they, and in essence, the College, don't care about the problem. If Campus Safety were to regularly ticket these vehicles, not only would it solve the problem of freshmen parking in reserved areas, but it also would bring in more money for the College, which I had thought the College would be happy about.

Answer: From Campus Safety: Freshman parking is restricted to the spaces between Johnstone Science Building and Oyaron/Hilltop lots. Freshmen should not be parking in spaces reserved for upperclassmen outside Oyaron/Hilltop. Violators of this parking regulation are subject to receive a ticket if they are found parking in upperclass spaces.

Please read on for information about the pothole issue.

Question: Hi Charlotte,

I am curious as to why the roads between Johnstone and Oyaron have not been fixed. I understand they have been fixed in the past, but currently they are atrocious. As a commuter to and from Hartwick, I drive on that road at least once a day. The tuition prices have increased every year and I do not understand how Hartwick has let these roads stay in this condition given that we pay a fortune for this school.

I would love for this issue to be resolved sooner than later. Thanks.

Answer: From Gary Ballard, Facilities, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager:
I would like to respond to the question of the New Res pothole issues. Two weeks ago two tons of cold patch was placed in the holes along the New Res Lots and the road in front of the pole barn. It was known that this repair would be very short-lived. With the first below-freezing temperatures and the plowing of newly fallen snow, almost all the patch material was removed from the offending pot holes. There are two issues at work this time of year. First, in order for the patch material to do any good, the holes need to be squared off, dried out, and HOT patch placed in the cut-out area. Until temperatures have a period above freezing and there is a stretch of dry weather this can not be done. The hot patch will not be available until May. Secondly the salt that is required to keep the roads clear and somewhat free of ice draws the moisture through the pavement, so that if patch is placed in the holes now, it will heave due to the water freezing, and then the plows just remove it. Vehicle traffic also acts to remove the patch.

At the first stretch of warm, dry weather (and when the companies open for business), the Facilities Department plans to properly fill the holes. In the interim the process of filling with cold patch and having it last a day or two will continue. If there is an area that is extremely bothersome, such as the large hole described in the second-row driveway, please send in a work order, so that can be identified as a priority area. I would be happy to answer any further questions or concerns of this type.

Update: On Friday, March 4, 2011, a survey of the New Res lot and road was conducted. Facilities has acquired additional cold patch to fill the holes that are in need of filling.

The intent was to do the patching Monday, March 7--but of course the 15 inches of snow threw a wrench into that plan!