4/4/11 Ask Charlotte

Week of April 4, 2011


Question: I have a question about the townhouses. My friends and I are hopefully going to have one next year, but we were wondering about room size. They have 9' 10" by 9' 10" listed, but they don't say if that's the size of a single or not. If you could tell me what the size of a double and a single is, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Answer: That is the size of a single room. The double room is 12' x 15'.

Question: Are nerf guns banned on campus?

Answer: Nerf guns are not permitted on campus. If you are interested in engaging in Nerf gun activity you may want to see Andy Binder, Director of Student Activities, in order to discuss starting/reactivating a Nerf Club.

Question: Why doesn't Hartwick College have a proper recycling facility? All the garbage coming from all dormitories are to be dumped in the same dumpster (paper+cardboard+bottles,etc,etc). There are some recycle bins around campus, especially the academic buildings, but that amount of recycling is minimal compared to the recyclable materials thrown from the dorms.

Also, is the drinking water in Hartwick (fountains) approved to be safe for drinking? If so by whom, because I and several other students have been complaining about getting stomach problems after drinking the water.

Answer: Joe Mack kindly responded to this question:

Thank you for your interest in recycling, I also share a similar passion for the environment.

Currently we have a waste hauler take all our recycled material to a central station for sorting; we no longer have to sort on campus.

Many of our dumpsters are really two compartments: one side is just trash, the other is single stream no-sort recycling. The recycling sides of the dumpsters are identified by the universal recycling symbol. The other side is trash.

We are the first institution in this area to adopt the zero sort system to effectively and efficiently manage our recyclables. Cardboard, paper, plastic glass and metal can be placed in the same receptacle. I will be ensuring that all dumpsters are properly identified as to trash and recycling sides.

Two dorms, Smith and Saxton, have separate dumpsters for trash and recycling.

You can read more about our innovative new recycling program on the Web site.

All Hartwick drinking water is supplied by the City of Oneonta.