9/27/10 Ask Charlotte

Dear Friends, I hope that one and all are enjoying this beautiful fall weather and the fall semester thus far!

I'm replying below to questions posed as early as June-and I offer my apologies for the delay in responding. Much as the students leave Hartwick in the summer, I spend my summer exploring environs other than Oyaron Hill. I hope that the answers will still be of some use.

Question: Can I get a parking sticker for my car before I arrive this year through the mail? If so, how?

Answer: While it is possible to mail the fee and an application form to Campus Safety prior to the start of the semester, students must report to Campus Safety to sign the statement form and receive the decal.

Question: Hi Charlotte, I know it is still really early in the summer but this is something that I'm really nervous about. I'm a freshman here at Hartwick, and I'm really nervous about having a roommate. I'm a really shy person, and I tend to be very quiet & reserved. That sometimes comes across as being aloof and rude, but I'm just quiet. So my question is...do you have any suggestions on how to break the ice with my new roomie, and break out of my quiet little bubble? Thanks!

~Nervous Freshie~

Answer: I hope that this semester is going well for you, even though you didn't see this response before arriving on campus!

It can be helpful to communicate with your prospective roommate prior to the start of the semester (via phone or e-mail). If you let him or her know ahead of time that you're shy and reserved there will be less chance of misinterpreting those characteristics as rude or aloof.

Now that the semester has started, I hope that the ice is being broken! Going to meals together, watching movies or TV shows that you both like, taking the bus to Southside Mall or Wal-Mart are all good ways to get to know each other. And if you haven't already, be open with your roommate about your quiet personality. Of course if you're still having trouble breaking the ice with your roommate, you should feel free to ask your RA for help.

Question: I was wondering if my books that I need are covered under tuition or if this is a separate cost to me?

Answer: The purchase of books is not covered in the cost of tuition.

Question: Why did the cost of laundry go up in price? It's already ridiculous enough that we have to pay to wash our clothes--let alone pay over $2 to do one load! We pay way too much for tuition to have to pay for simple things such as laundry and printing. So ridiculous!

Answer: Like anything else, charges for doing laundry must be adjusted from time to time--and laundry prices at Hartwick haven't been changed in several years. Even at the current cost, doing laundry at Hartwick College ($1.25 to wash, .75 to dry) is still less expensive than many other institutions, and is certainly more economical than using a Laundromat.

Doing laundry-and paying for it in some way-is simply another one of those mundane chores that everyone (at least those not living at home) must contend with in life!

Question: I'm having trouble with financial situations and I'm not a fully registered student because of it. I still need to make up $4,500 and I don't have a co-signer on any of my loans. What else can I do?

Answer: When students are having financial difficulties, it's always advisable go directly to the Financial Aid/Student Accounts office on the 2nd floor of Bresee. Even if you called or wrote these offices over the summer, make an appointment and go there in person and explain the exact nature of your difficulty. These offices are the ones that are best equipped to help you in such situations.

Question: What is the C-store and where is it?

Answer: The C-Store is located on the first floor of Dewar Hall. It is housed in the Table Rock Café; you'll notice that there is a section of frozen/refrigerated foods as well as shelves of microwaveable meals, chips, cookies, etc. And the deck just outside is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch or just relax!