11/14/11 Ask Charlotte


Question: I had no idea ghosts can e-mail. Did they find you when ghost hunters visited?
Answer: I think you'll find that we spirits are quite an enterprising group, and do our best to keep up with what's current. And no, I was not discovered by ghost hunters; while ghost hunters have visited close by (downtown Oneonta and Cooperstown, for example) to my knowledge, they have never visited Hartwick.

Question: I'm in Holmes Hall and the heating is starting to get pretty strong as winter fast approaches. I noticed that in Oyaron Hall, there's actually a valve to control the heat manually in the room. In Holmes, the only thing I can find similar to that is a strongly rusted valve that can't even be moved. Is there any way to control the heat in an individual room rather than wasting energy by opening a window?
Answer: As I wander about campus, I've seen many windows open during this unseasonably warm weather! My friends in Facilities have supplied this information regarding Holmes Hall: The valve you mention does not control the heat but is a service valve (if we need to shut off that section of pipe for service, closing that valve will turn off the heat for that zone).

Holmes is divided in six zones. The thermostats are located in student rooms and control a pump for each zone. Unfortunately, if the zone pump is working to satisfy the thermostat, it will also pump heat into the other rooms, and those rooms have no control over it.

Question: Hmm ... I get these e-mails called "Hartwick Happenings." They advertise school events, programs, and activities. But they are sent through ZHD. Anyone that's anyone knows that ZHDs are often overlooked by students (DELETE button is the key that comes to mind when I see "zhd"), and over-utilized by administration, clubs, and event coordinators.

It's too bad we don't use other forms of advertisement for Hartwick Happenings (yes, they post it in the WICK, and sometimes have a "Wick Happenings" pamphlet). But what if you used the TVs in The Commons? Or the Commons tabletops? Or put up a large sign outside The Commons (like the Pine Lake Club does with Contra Dances)?

Let's get creative, see what works, and use what works. These are all suggestions that I feel would work, and from what I have seen, have worked in the past at Hartwick.

Although you like the Internet because you didn't have it back in your day, Charlotte, believe it or not, the "old school" ways of advertising (right in your face, hard to miss, LARGE SCALE, creative, etc.) are MORE effective in advertising than this "new" system called the Internet and "ZHD."

Charlotte, thank you. Take care.
Answer: These are excellent suggestions, and I have passed them along to the appropriate offices.

Question: Dear Charlotte,  Why doesn't Hartwick College have a Student Union? I notice that many colleges around the country have a common place to relax, have Starbuck's coffee, or something similar, etc. Stack is the closest thing we have to it.

Also, what is the status with Laura's Cafe? I notice there is construction in there. What's going on? When will it be finished? Will it be nice and useful?

Thanks, Charlotte!
Answer: I'm sure that many agree that a more comprehensive Student Union would be an important addition to the College. In fact, a renovation of Stack Lounge is indeed part of the president's Capital Campaign-so an enhanced Student Union is planned for the future. As the Capital Campaign is, of course, dependent on fundraising, the timeframe is uncertain.

The student government is handling the planning of a facelift of Laura's, and Director of Facilities Joe Mack is managing the construction. At this point, they have moved the benches and constructed a draft wall next to the door. The plan is to repaint, add soft furniture, and possibly remove the existing bar to make room for a sitting area. You may contact any student senator for more details.