2/27/12 Ask Charlotte

Week of February 27, 2012

Question: What ice skating places are there to go to on the weekend around campus and Oneonta in general?

Answer: As you may imagine, there may not be ANY places in the area to ice skate this winter, due to the unseasonable weather. Under more normal winter conditions, when Pine Lake is adequately frozen, you may bring your skates there and try them out. Skating is also allowed on Hodges Pond, located in Neahwa Park in Oneonta. The Laskaris Skateroom, in the Brenner Building next to Hodges Pond, is an ideal place for lacing or unlacing skates, or for warming up on a chilly day.

Question: I am trying to find how much Hartwick costs every year, however all I can find is information for the incoming freshman. Any clue as to where I could find what it costs for everyone else?

Answer: Tuition, room & board and fees for all students may be found online. Note that these fees apply to the 2011-12 year; costs for the upcoming year should be available shortly.

Question: I am looking to live at Pine Lake next year and looked on Hartwick's Web site to find how much that would cost. However I can only find rental rates ... per day ... Is there anywhere I can find how much it costs per semester/year? Thank you.

Question: I was just looking for housing options for next year and I can't find the prices on Leitzell or Pine Lake. I was wondering if you could give me a list of what the costs were per year. Thanks so much!

Answer: As the College budget for 2012-2013 was just recently passed, the costs for next year will be available on the Hartwick Web site in the near future. You can review housing costs for the 2011-2012 year online; you may scroll down to see rates for specific residence halls.

Question: Where do you pay for a campus parking ticket? Can you pay for them online?

Answer: You may pay for parking tickets by bringing the ticket and payment (either cash or check) to the cashier in the office of Student Accounts (2nd floor Bresee). At this time it is not possible to pay online.

Question: Why can't Leitzell be coed within the suites?

Answer: Leitzell suites are not available for coed living because there isn't enough privacy afforded to the residents (with only double rooms and a single bathroom). The Townhouses, in comparison, have single rooms and two bathrooms for the same number of students.

Question: It would be nice if there were pictures of all the Pine Lake cabins and res buildings online instead of just some so that people who are interested in living there but can't make the trip could see what they are all like.

Answer: I have passed your suggestion along to the appropriate office. At the same time, I would recommend that all students make a trip to Pine Lake - whether they are thinking of living there or not - as it is a lovely spot year-round, and an important part of the Hartwick campus.