5/21/12 Ask Charlotte

Week of 5/21/12
Dear Friends:

I want to take the opportunity to wish ‘Good luck' to all of our students as they complete their finals.

And I offer sincere congratulations and the best of luck to all of our graduating seniors!

Kind regards,


I would like to thank Jenna Ventura and Rebecca Bierhoff for sending me updated and corrected information regarding my response about Guiding Eyes for the Blind in my last column. I have combined their responses below.

Jenna Ventura is the RD of Wilder Hall on campus. She is the second staff member at Hartwick to raise a GEB puppy and also in charge of the new application process being developed to hopefully fix the issues outlined in my last column.

Rebecca Bierhoff is a current puppy raiser, as well as the President of the Guiding Eyes for the Blind Puppy Raising Club. The club is still in the process of getting approved by Student Senate; however they are already an active club with an e-board and active fundraising projects.

The club came into formation as the current puppy raisers on campus realized that the program was not well organized. Its intent is to create a more cohesive group among the puppy raisers so that they can make improvements and help each other. With the new application process for future puppy raisers, it is hoped that all those involved with puppy raising will be the right people for that responsibility.

This is the process for those interested in joining the program:
1. Fill out the GEB application on their website: (make sure to include the school address)
2. Contact Jenna Ventura or Rebecca Bierhoff about future GEB Puppy Raising Club meetings in order to obtain a Hartwick application
3. Complete the Hartwick application. This includes essay questions, an interview with Jenna and Rebecca, recommendations and wellness interview and check
4. Complete a pre-puppy placement class as directed by Joy Hawksby at GEB
5. Get Hartwick application approved
6. Get on the waiting list

While there have been some issues with puppy raisers in the past, it is hoped that the new club, rules and application process will eliminate any further issues. If anyone has any issues or concerns with anything they see they are encouraged to contact directly one of the following: Jenna Ventura at venturaj@hartwick.edu (the Advisor of the club); Rebecca Bierhoff at bierhoffr@hartwick.edu; or Joy Hawksby at jhawksby@guidingeyes.org (the region coordinator).

Question: When I was a freshman, the commons did a "fresh cookie day." I have done their response sheets a couple of times but have never seen a response as to why it has been done away with. Can you get an answer out of them?

Answer: Per Rick Accordino, the Commons continues to do this several times throughout the year, most recently on May 1. Look for similar cookie celebrations in the fall!

Question: I was wondering where the outhouses used to be on campus pre-indoor plumbing.

Answer: I realize that it seems eons ago, but the Hartwick College campus on this site was completed in 1927, well after the inception of indoor plumbing.

Question: I've heard this all 4 years I have been here. Will campus safety really fine you for picking the flowers along the hill above lower Yager?

Answer: I posed this question to Tom Kelly; he said that he has never heard that this has been a problem in the past, or that anyone has ever been fined for it. At the same time, it is generally a good idea to respect and admire the landscape (without picking the flowers) as of course individuals may be held responsible for their actions.

Question: Hi, I had a friend come up from home, and she occasionally smokes weed even though I don't, campus security found her pipe and confiscated it, what are the procedures and punishments for catching non-Hartwick students with alcohol or other drugs while they are visiting the campus?

Answer: Per Residential Life, in a case like this, the student is responsible for his or her guest and his or her actions, and would be charged with a policy violation for possession of drug paraphernalia. The guest could be served with a Persona Non Grata letter, which would restrict that person from visiting campus.

Question: I am a senior, therefore I will not be around for J-term next year, yet the J-term trips are sent out to all the students. No offense to the people running the trips, it is interesting to see where people can go next year, but after the first time, I really don't want to see the same email 50 times in one week! This also applies to the CIV office and their continuous email about the position that has opened up. I read it the first time, and now it is just rather aggravating to see my inbox filled with this pointless repetition. Isn't that what Hartlink is for? All the student groups are forced to use it, and the central idea was to reduce the amount of emails sent out on a daily basis.

Answer: I understand your frustration at receiving emails that do not apply to you. At this point, though, the ZHD lists remain the best way to contact all students, all staff and/or all faculty, which is why they are so well-used. It is possible to target students in a particular class; for example ‘zhdlistClassof2013@hartwick.edu'. At the same time, your question may be a useful reminder that there is a point of diminishing returns when repeated emails are sent.

Question: Hi Charlotte, This would probably be scandalous in your time, but are there groups on campus that would be willing to deal with this type of issue that is slowly gaining popularity? I was curious if anyone in any group, student or faculty had come across the issue of men enjoying wearing skirts and other like items. I have read about it and was curious if any groups addressed this issue. I think that it is mainly that men feel ashamed to admit that they like to wear skirts because they feel that people will accuse them of feeling less of a man for wearing one, when in fact they are just as manly as the next guy, they just are sick of the limited wardrobe that guys are forced to wear, while there is now no second thought to women wearing skirts or pants depending on what they feel like wearing. Is there any way for a group to bring this issue to light and inform people about this issue and help people realized how good wearing a skirt can feel compared to pants?

Answer: I am not aware of any campus organization that is currently addressing this issue. That said, perhaps its time has come! If you know of other like-minded men, it is always possible to get together informally to discuss this issue; with adequate support you may apply for club status.

Dear Charlotte, I do not know who wrote to you about GEB raiser but I can assure you that all of the current raisers are very committed and have extreme passion for the program. As a new raiser I can truthfully say that it is the most rewarding thing in the world. I just got Robert's (the GEB pup I raise) vest today and it was truly the best feeling in the world.

Answer: Thank you for sharing your experience with this program.