9/26/11 Ask Charlotte

Week of September 26, 2011

Question: Who do we go to to reserve a room space for club meetings?
Answer: You may go to the online event calendar to reserve a meeting room. As you'll see, you'll simply need to complete and submit a room reservation form.

Question: If I don't like my roommate(s), where would I go to change my room? And how early can I do so?
Answer: Your first step will be to speak to your Residential Advisor (RA). As you can read below (which I borrowed from the Residential Life website), communication and compromise are important elements in successfully sharing a room. You may refer to the Residential life website for more useful information about living in a residence hall.

Question: What if my roommate and I don't see eye-to-eye?
Answer: Successfully sharing a room with another person requires communication and compromise. While most students live well together, there are times when changes need to occur. We encourage you to turn to your R.A. for assistance. They can serve as a neutral third party and may be able to suggest different forms of communication. If this is not successful, we frequently negotiate a roommate contract; remember that resolution of tension and disagreements between people requires cooperation from each of the involved individuals. A room change is usually only taken when it is clear that the roommates are unable to live together. If there are no vacancies available, it is possible to make an even swap, talking to friends and members of the floor community to determine if anyone is interested in changing rooms. It should be noted that the person requesting the change will in most cases be required to change rooms.

Question: Hi, I had meant to ask you this back when I first saw it, but I had forgotten until now. During the end of finals week this past year (spring 2011), I had gotten up just before the garbage truck came along to pick up the dumpster at New Res I&II. To my amazement, he drove into the recycling dumpster first (which is marked with the recycling sign) and dumped it in, then followed it by dumping in the garbage dumpster (marked trash) on top of it! I was wondering if this represented the new no-sort policy adopted by the College or if the College was even aware of this. I had also previously noticed that the chain that would prevent the recycling side of other dumpsters had been unchained so that both sides would dump at once.
Answer: This is from Director of Facilities Joe Mack: Generally, the truck will first arrive and chain off half the dumpster and empty it as recycling, and do the same over the entire campus. After that load is emptied, the same truck will repeat the process on the trash side. Often, both sides are indeed unchained since my people access them frequently throughout the day.

What was observed at New Res may have been all going to either trash or recycling, depending on the content. Without being there when the dumpsters were emptied, it is difficult to say what exactly was done. I do place a lot of confidence in the waste hauler because I pay them a flat fee for disposal, and since recycling is somewhat less expensive to process than trash, it is incumbent on the hauler to maximize recycling as much as possible.

A little-known bit of trivia is the Yager trash is often put in the recycling truck since the trash is routinely just soiled paper towels, wrappers, and plastic; all recyclable. We can have up to 3% trash contamination before the recycling bin is considered trash.

Question: Hi Charlotte, Anyone who has ever needed an official transcript knows that Hartwick charges $10 for each transcript. I am a student who needs to get many official transcripts for scholarships and outside loans. By the time I graduate from Hartwick, I will end up spending well over $100 on transcripts. This angers me greatly. I am not using the transcripts to hang on my wall, I am only trying to decrease my student debt when I graduate. I am in complete agreement that Hartwick should charge some money for the transcripts, but I think it is disgusting that I will have to pay this much just for a piece of paper that says my grades and is stamped with a Hartwick seal. I propose that Hartwick has a policy that if a student pays $50 the student is entitled to having "unlimited" official transcripts. Unlimited meaning the student can have as many official transcripts as they want pertaining to a reasonable need for them, not including having them to hang on the wall for decoration. I know of other colleges that have taken on this policy and this is why I am writing this letter, because I see that it is possible for other colleges, so why not Hartwick?
Answer: While it is true that students must purchase any transcripts needed to apply for loans and scholarships, once they have been granted a loan or scholarship, any transcripts needed to continue them will be mailed free of charge. These transcripts must be sent directly to the destination. Students must make the request at the Office of Advising & Registration, and include the address to which the transcript must be sent.

Thank you for this proposal regarding a flat fee for transcripts. I will pass it along to the appropriate office.