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  • Hartwick student with professor during field work
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Academic Program Coordinators

Cognitive Science Program Coordinator, Stefanie Rocknak (2015)
Committee Members: Carbone, Chan, Crooker, Huntington, Konecky, Nienart, and Onorato.

Environmental Science and Policy Program Co-Coordinators, Balogh-Brunstad, Forster Rothbart (2015).

Individual Student Programs (ISP) Coordinator, Betsey Ayer (2015)

Latin American & Caribbean Studies Coordinator, TBA

Medical Technology Coordinator, Allen Crooker (on-going appointment)

Museum Studies Coordinator, Vicki Horward (2015)

Peace & Conflict Studies, Jeremy Wisnewski (2015)

Student Showcase Committee, co-Chairs, Karl Seeley and Blake Tenore.

U.S. Ethnic Studies Coordinator, Robert Seguin (2015)
Committee members: Davies, Kelley, Quinn, Syed, Walsh-Russo.

Women & Gender Studies Program Coordinator, Cecelia Walsh-Russo (2015)