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Pre-Award Policies and Procedures

Hartwick College's internal grant approval process begins at the department level with the Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD) discussing his/her project idea with the department chair. If the chair supports the project, the PI/PD must submit a brief description to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs' office prior to contacting the Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations.

Grant Project Clearance Form. This internal form is used to compile relevant information regarding proposals for external funding and to confirm compliance with College policies and sponsor/federal regulations. The Principal Investigator/Project Director is responsible for completely filling out the form and securing required signatures. The Office of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations retains copies of the signed Grant Project Clearance Form.

Authorization, Internal Approval, and Signatory Authority

All grant proposals and applications are subject to internal approval. All faculty who intend to submit a proposal must first discuss the project with their department chair to determine if their time commitment, use of College equipment or space, or travel will impact their teaching and advising responsibilities or the functioning of the department. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs must also review all applications and approve grant submissions that involve the use of institutional resources, including course release or faculty leave, or the commitment of institutional match or cost share. The Controller reviews all budgets prior to submission to insure allowability of costs. It is the responsibility of the PI/PD to allow adequate time to obtain approvals prior to the grant submission deadline.

The Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations is the authorized organizational representative for Hartwick College for electronic submission via FastLane and Grants.gov. The official signatory for all grants for Hartwick College is Dr. Margaret Drugovich, President. Dr. Drugovich has the authority to formally commit Hartwick College resources and to accept federal funds on behalf of the College.

The Grant Project Clearance Form is required for all proposals that:

  • require a signature from an "Authorized Organizational Representative"
  • will result in a grant being paid to and administered by the College
  • commit College employee time (other than faculty time that is within the terms of their contract)
  • commit use of College equipment or space (other than faculty offices)
  • commit, explicitly or implicitly, College funds (other than faculty leave salary)
  • commit the College to a future action (such as offering a new course developed with grant funds)

The Grant Project Clearance Form must be signed by:

  • Principal Investigator/Project Director
  • Department Chairperson
  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Controller

Additional approvals are required for course release time, creation of new positions and hiring of personnel, use of certain equipment and facilities, and research with human subjects (including questionnaires), vertebrate animals, or genetic, biohazardous, or radioactive materials. Only the Institutional Review Board and committees that oversee these matters for the College, or appropriate administrators, can determine if a proposal is exempt from review.

Electronic signatures can suffice in most instances, but the Provost and Controller must see all Grant Clearance Forms and communicate approval to the Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations.