Advice for Preparing Project Budgets

Preparing the grant budget is one of the most difficult components of the grant-seeking process; it demands accuracy and attention to detail. The budget should be drafted after the project has been planned and the proposal and timeline have been written. The budget should reflect the costs necessary to undertake the project as it is described in the proposal. The budget is the financial snapshot of project activities and has to include line items for all of the project’s expense categories such as personnel, equipment, and travel. The Office of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations has compiled useful information and guidance on budget preparation. Some of these resources, such as the Foundation Center’s Budgeting Basics, are general and all-inclusive, while others offer guidance for specific programs or agencies, and are linked at left.

The Office of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Relations; the Vice President of Academic Affairs; and the Business Office review and approve all grant budgets and any proposals that include a commitment of College resources.