Assessment Tools

Paper and Pencil Tests:

The National Capital Language Resource Center (NCLRC) has put together this site to assist language teachers in the creation of language tests that measure “more authentic listening and reading activities”. The NCRLC is a joint project of George Washington University, Georgetown University and the Center for Applied Linguistics.

Scoring Rubrics:

Dr. Reid Golden, Professor of Sociology, delivered this presentation on “Performance Based Assessment Techniques: Using Rubrics and Checklists to Assess Student Performance” at the Opening Faculty Workshop August 29, 2008. Link to pdf

Oral Presentations and Exams:

This quick reference guide created by Jenny Moon, Learning and Teaching Support Center at the University of Liverpool, provides interesting insight into the creation of assessment for oral presentation.

Standardized Tests:

This is a report from the Council of Independent Colleges, examining the use of the Collegiate Learning Assessment in improving teaching and learning among Liberal Arts Colleges. Link to PDF