CAGE Membership and Charge

During the April 7th, 2008 Faculty Meeting the Faculty-at-large voted to establish the Committee on the Assessment of General Education (CAGE) as a standing committee of the faculty. Membership consists of three divisional representatives selected by the faculty-at-large and three representatives selected by the divisions, for a term of two-years.

Current members: 
Mary Allen (Physical & Life Sciences)
R. Colin Armstrong (Arts & Humanities)
Carlena Ficano (Social & Behavioral Sciences) 
Amy Forster Rothbart ((Social & Behavioral Sciences)
Jeanne-Marie Havener (Physical & Life Sciences)
Malissa Kano-White (Arts & Humanities)
Robert G. Drake - ex-officio
Jason Antrosio - ex-officio
Michael G. Tannenbaum - ex-officio

The Committee on the Assessment of General Education is supported by the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Assessment and charged with assessing general education through an ongoing program consistent with the College-Wide Assessment Plan and accountable to Faculty Council and the Chief Academic Officer. Its primary responsibilities are:

  1. To establish a cycle to assess the curricular learning outcomes;
  2. To design a curricular assessment plan, subject to approval by Faculty Council;
  3. To implement the approved plan according to the established cycle;
  4. To file an annual assessment report with Faculty Council and the Chief Academic Officer; and
  5. To assess the design and implementation of the plan and propose modifications as necessary.