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Department Chairs

David Anthony
Phone: 607-431-4862
Fax: 607-431-4837
E-mail: anthonyd@hartwick.edu

Art & Art History
Terry Slade
Phone: 607-431-4824
Fax: 607-431-4191
E-mail: sladet@hartwick.edu

Peter Fauth
Phone: 607-431-4754
Fax: 607-431-4374
E-mail: fauthp@hartwick.edu

Business Administration and Accounting
Penny Wightman
Phone: 607-431-4338
Fax: 607-431-4953
E-mail: wightmanp@hartwick.edu

Andy Piefer
Phone: 607-431-4916
Fax: 607-431-4374
E-mail: piefera@hartwick.edu

Computer & Information Sciences
Howard Lichtman
Phone: 607-431-4856
Fax: 607-431-4688
E-mail: lichtmanh@hartwick.edu

Karl Seeley
Phone: 607-431-4628
Fax: 607-431-4405
E-mail: seeleyk@hartwick.edu

Mark Davies
Phone: 607-431-4235
Fax: 607-431-4668
E-mail: daviesm@hartwick.edu

English and Theatre Arts
Lisa Darien
Phone: 607-431-4651
Fax: 607-431-4207
E-mail:  darienl@hartwick.edu

Geological and Environmental Sciences
David Griffing
Phone: 607-431-4629
Fax: 607-431-4374
E-mail: griffingd@hartwick.edu

Eric Johnson, Acting Chair, S'16
Phone: 607-431-4658
Fax: 607-431-4374
Email: johnsone@hartwick.edu

Cherilyn Lacy
Phone: 607-431-4885
Fax: 607-431-4351
E-mail: lacyc@hartwick.edu

Min Chung
Phone: 607-431-4364
Fax: 607-431-4405
E-mail: chungm@hartwick.edu

Modern & Classical Languages
Mark Wolff
Phone: 607-431-4615
Fax: 607-431-4207
E-mail: wolffmO@hartwick.edu

Diane Paige
Phone: 607-431-4585
Fax: 607-431-4813
E-mail: paiged@hartwick.edu

Jeanne-Marie Havener

Phone: 607-431-431-4781
Fax: 607-431-4850
E-mail: havenerj@hartwick.edu

Stefanie Rocknak
Phone: 607-431-4391
Fax: 607-431-4351
E-mail: rocknaks@hartwick.edu

Physical Education
Kimberly Fierke
Phone: 607-431-4702
Fax: 607-431-4018
E-mail: fierkek@hartwick.edu

Lawrence Nienart
Phone: 607-431-4737
Fax: 607-431-4374
E-mail: nienartl@hartwick.edu

Political Science
Amy Forster Rothbart
Phone: 607-431-4865
Fax: 607-431-4351
E-mail: forsterrotha@hartwick.edu

KinHo Chan
Phone: 607-431-4364
Fax: 607-431-4968
E-mail: chank@hartwick.edu

Religious Studies
C.W. Huntington
Phone: 607-431-4325
Fax: 607-431-4351
E-mail: huntingtonc@hartwick.edu

Reid Golden
Phone: 607-431-4890
Fax: 607-431-4351
E-mail: goldenr@hartwick.edu

Stevens German Library
Paul Coleman, Director
Phone: 607-431-4449
Fax: 607-431-4457
Email: colemanp@hartwick.edu

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