Hartwick College Faculty Committees

Standing Committees

Committee on Academic Standards -(TBA)
Barlow (2016), Kelley (2016),and Nienart (2016), Erickson (2017), Vennero (2017), and Wisnewski (2017); ; ex-officios: TBA.

Committee on Assessment of General Education - (TBA)
Allen (AY repl for Sessions, 2016), Ficano (2016) Kano-*White (2016); Arstrong (2017), Forster Rothbart, Havener (2017) and Havener (2017); ex-officios: Antrosio, Drake, and Tannenbaum.

Committee on Committees - Chair, (Peters)
Lacy (2016), Travisano (2016), and Swift (2017).

Committee on Diversity and Campus Climate- (TBA)
Davies (2017), Shaw (2016) and Swift (2017).

Committee on Faculty Development - (Acting Chair, Cooper)
Cooper (2016), Forster Rothbary (2017), and Herion (2018).

Committee on Faculty Compensation and Budget - (Co-chairs, Golden and Peters)
Golden, K. (2016), Malloy (2016), and Peters (2016)/ Onorato (2017), Rocknack (2017), and Young (2017).

Committee on Honors Program - co-Directors, (Wallace and Dalton)
Frye (2017) and Quinn (2017); Gilbert (2016) and Stevens (2016).

Interdisciplinary Studies Committee - (TBA)
Balogh-Brunstad (2016), Barlow (2016), and Buthman (2016); Quinn (2017), Rozene (2017), and Schultz (2017).

Committee on Library & Educational Technology - Chair, (TBA)
Bensen (2016), Bloom (2016), and Turick-Gibson (2016); Lichtman (2017) and Von Stengel; ex-officios: Coleman and Warger.

Committee on Off-Campus Study - (TBA)
Griffing (2016), Wolff (2017) and Anderson (2018); Fonjweng (ex-officio).

The President, Chief Academic Officer, and Chair of the Faculty are ex-officio members of all standing committees and shall receive timely notices of their meetings and minutes of their proceedings.

Faculty Council
Antrosio (Chair), Elder (2016), Johnson (2016), and Zullo (2016), Dalton (2017), Ficano (2017) and Kuhlmann (2017). Elder, Johnson and Zullo are divisional representatives; Dalton, Ficano, and Kuhlmann were elected by the faculty-at-large.

Special Committees

College-Wide Assessment Committee
-Chair, (TBA)
Schultz (2016), and Kreisher (2017) and Buthman (2018); ex-officio: Drake.

Committee on Appointments, Tenure, and Promotion - Chair, (Hamilton)
Cody (2016), Malloy (2016), and Nishida (2016), Chan (2017); Hunsberger (2017), and Wisnewski (2017); ex-officios: Antrosio, Drugovich, and Tannenbaum.

Graduate Advisory Committee (TBA)
Grust (2016), Rozene (2016), and TBA (2016).

Scholarship Awards Committee - Deputy Chair, (Wellman)
Chief Academic Officer; Chair of the Faculty (Antrosio), President of the Hartwick College Honor Society (Wightman); co-Director, Committee on Honors Program (Dalton); Two at-large administrative reps-elected by Staff Council: Chrislip and Georgia; Two at-large appointments made by the Chief Academic Officer for annual service: Deisler, Schultz; Three elected faculty members: Erickson (2016), and Frye (2017) and Seeley (2018).

Special committees also may be established by the Chief Academic Officer or the Chair of the Faculty, in consultation with the President, or by vote of the Faculty. The President and the Chief Academic Officer shall be ex officio members of all Special Committees and shall be sent minutes of all meetings.

College Committees

3 Year Degree Committee -(Lacy)
Brown, Z., Ficano, C., Starkey-Wood

Academic Computing - (Chair, TBA) 

Campus Wide Diversity Committee - (Chair TBA)
Baker, Dopazo, Gonzalez, Janitz, Matthews, Starkey-Wood, Toal.

Health Professions Advisory Committee - (Chair, Piefer)
Allen, Hamilton, Hunsberger, Turick-Gibson, Wellman

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee - (Chair, Kuhlmann)
Crooker, Chan, Noling (ex-officio), Puritz (vet), Schwalenberg (community member), Sessions

Internship Advisory Committee - (Chair, Marietta)
Anderson, D., Armstrong, Burnett, Cooper, E., Fish, Forster Rothbart, Hanft, Heegan, Susan Navarette, Oehl, Troischt, Wightman.

Pre-Engineering Advisor - (Chair, Nienart)

Pre-Law Advisor - (Chair TBA)
Bensen, Elder, Howard, Sanford L.

Radiation Safety Committee - (Chair, Schultz)
Crooker, Decker, Kelly, Schultz and Noling

Retention Advisory Committee - (Chair, Drake)
Antrosio, Balogh-Brunstad, Dalton, Ficano,  Mitchell, Noling, Piefer, Sessions, Travisano, Wightman.

Division Officers

Arts and Humanities - Chair, DeLanoy (2016), Vice Chair, Wolff (2017).

Physical and Life Sciences - Chair, Gann (2016); Vice Chair, Moore (2017).

Social and Behavioral Sciences - Chair, Wellman (2016); Vice Chair, Bloom (2017).

Chair of the Faculty
Antrosio (2016)