Honors Convocation Awards


AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY/POLYED UNDERGRADUATE AWARD FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is awarded to the top sophomore or junior student at Hartwick College who is majoring in chemistry, or a closely related discipline. The award is based on outstanding performance in the full year organic chemistry courses.

A.O. FOX MEMORIAL HOSPITAL EXCELLENCE IN CLINICAL PRACTICE AWARD is a gift from A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital and recognizes excellence in clinical nursing practice. It is awarded annually to an outstanding senior nursing major.

ARKELL HALL AWARD IN ART/ART HISTORY is given to outstanding students who consistently have contributed to the Department of Art and Art History.

ARKELL HALL AWARD IN THEATRE ARTS is presented to a theatre arts major who has consistently demonstrated excellence in the study of theatre and has contributed significantly to the program.

ARKELL HALL SCHOLARSHIP IN MUSIC is given to a student who has demonstrated outstanding musicianship and achievement in the field.

HARRIET BABCOCK NURSING SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a non-traditional nursing student pursuing a baccalaureate degree in Nursing.

BEST JUNIOR ART HISTORY RESEARCH PAPER is awarded to a junior art history major whose paper shows outstanding writing and research skills, as determined by the faculty.

BEST SENIOR ART HISTORY RESEARCH AND PRESENTATION is awarded to an art history major whose senior thesis project shows outstanding writing and research skills and whose thesis presentation is exceptionally well done, as determined by the faculty.

BEST SENIOR SHOW EXHIBITION is awarded to a student whose Senior Show Exhibition is considered most outstanding by the Department of Art and Art History.

BETA BETA BETA AWARD IN BIO LOGY is given for academic achievement and stimulation of interest in the biological sciences.

FREDERICK M. BINDER SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARD was established in memory of the fifth president of Hartwick College by retired Professor Jim Herrick, his friend and colleague. Binder was an athlete, U.S. Naval officer, Fulbright Scholar, American historian, author, and educator, including presidencies at Hartwick, Whittier, and Juniata colleges. This prize is given to a senior male and a senior female scholar-athlete whose years at Hartwick are a cumulative reflection of excellence in both scholarship and athletics. Each recipient, in addition to receiving a silver plate, also will have their name placed on a plaque located in Binder Physical Education Center.

FRANZ BOAS AWARD IN ANTHROPOLOGY is presented to a graduating senior based on exemplary performance and service to the Anthropology Department.

BOCHER-DEUBLER AWARD is given to a sophomore who shows outstanding potential for a future career in a field related to biology. This award was created in honor of Dr. Carol Bocher and Dr. Earl Deubler on the occasion of their retirement from Hartwick College as Professors of Biology.

DEBORAH M. ALLEN BRENNAN AWARD was established by Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen in memory of their daughter to be presented to an outstanding biology student who is interested in research and who is a junior at the time of Honors Convocation.

SARA H KEYES BRESEE SCHOLARSHIP FOR NATIVE AMERICAN, AFRICAN AMERICAN OR HISPANIC AMERICAN STUDENTS was established by Marilyn Keyes Roper in memory of her mother Sarah Keyes Bresee. This scholarship is given to a second year, third year or rising senior who has created or implemented activities at Hartwick College that advance the awareness and appreciation of his/her Native American, African American and/or Hispanic American heritage.

SARA H KEYES BRESEE SCHOLARSHIP was established in 1971 by Sarah Keyes Bresee of Oneonta as a memorial to her husband, the late Clyde F. Bresee, Trustee and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees of Hartwick College from 1947-70. It is given to a rising senior majoring in economics, business administration, or accounting.

THE DR. RONALD M. BRZENK ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2012 by John C. Doolittle '80. The scholarship shall be awarded to one or more continuing mathematics majors for outstanding academic achievement and a high degree of professional promise in the field of mathematics or a mathematics-related career.

CLOSE FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP originated with Mrs. Gertrude Close of Oneonta, who gave generously to Hartwick College so that this scholarship could be presented annually to a student or students of high scholastic ability.

CRC PRESS CHEMISTRY ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS are presented on the basis of student performance in Chemistry 107 and 108, or Chemistry 109.

DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION SCIENCE recognizes students who have done outstanding work in their field.

JOHN DEWEY AWARD is given to an outstanding student who best exemplifies the philosophies and goals of the Education Department.

DAVID A. DIENER MATHEMATICS ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is awarded to one or more mathematics majors for excellent work in their field. This award is given in honor of Dr. David Diener, Hartwick Mathematics Professor from 1968-2000.

THE DIENER FELLOWSHIP IN COMPUTER OR INORMATION SCIENCE is awarded to a rising junior on the basis of high academic achievement in either computer or information science.

DORNBURGH MEMORIAL AWARD IN HISTORY is presented in memory of Edmund Leigh Dornburgh Jr., who was a student assistant in the History Department. The award is presented to the student with the highest academic average in history.

ALICE DORNET AWARD was established to recognize outstanding academic achievement by students in economics, political science, and psychology.

H. EDWIN & JOAN U. DORR SCHOLARSHIP is the result of a planned gift, which was realized when Mr. Dorr, a physics major from the Class of 1949, passed away in 1996. It is given to a physics major with a mathematics minor.

EXCELLENCE IN CHEMISTRY AWARD is awarded to an outstanding junior chemistry major with an academic average of 3.5 or above.

THURSTON DOX MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded annually to one or more Music students who participate in the College Choir. The award recognizes choir members whose vocal abilities best reflect the qualities that Dr. Dox strove to develop in each of his students.

DUFFY FAMILY AMBASSADOR SCHOLARSHIPS are made possible by former Trustee John P. Duffy and his wife, Anne. They are awarded to students who are planning international educational travel experiences.

EMERSON INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS are competitively chosen from among proposals for international internship experiences. These scholarships are made possible by the Emerson Foundation of Auburn, NY.

ENDOWED FUND FOR EXCELLENCE IN ART AND STUDIO ART is awarded to students based upon academic performance, exhibit in studio art, and art history research.

EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION AWARD is presented to a graduating senior who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to teacher preparation.

DR. JAMES J. ELTING H'13 MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2013 by family and friends of Dr. Elting. The scholarship is awarded to a student with a minimum 3.0 grade point average, who demonstrates leadership in co-curricular activities and/or academics and intends to pursue a career or graduate study in medicine, athletics, sports medicine, physical therapy, sport management or another area related to medicine, health care or athletics; and who demonstrates fi nancial need.

LINDA S. FRENCH MEMORIAL AWARD IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION was established by members of the economics/business administration faculty in memory of Linda French '85. It is given to the graduating senior major who has been a leader in the department.

LINDA S. FRENCH SCHOLARSHIP was established by Wilber National Bank following Linda's accidental death in 1985. Linda was a Dean's List student from Schenevus, NY, and a business administration major.

AL GALLODORO AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN MUSICAL PERFORMANCE is presented in memory of musician and faculty member Al Gallodoro. The recipient is selected by the Music Department and is honored as a featured performer at the Honors Convocation ceremony.

JOAN B. GRATZ PRIZE in English was established by Mrs. Gratz's family, colleagues, and students in recognition of her 32 years of dedicated teaching at Hartwick. It goes to a sophomore English major with a strong academic record and an enthusiasm for the study of literature.

H. CLAUDE HARDY SOCIOLOGY AWARD is named for the late Professor Emeritus H. Claude Hardy. It honors outstanding seniors in sociology.

HARTWICK COLLEGE HONOR SOCIETY was formed in 1951 to emphasize scholarship in the life of Hartwick students. Election is made by unanimous vote of the faculty members of the Society. Original charter faculty members were those who were honored by election to Phi Beta Kappa. The society continues to elect students, faculty, and staff who have demonstrated the highest academic achievement as evidenced by graduation in the top 10 percent of their class, and/or by membership in Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, the Hartwick College Honor Society, or a parallel society.

HARTWICK COLLEGE HONORS PROGRAM recognizes seniors who, by graduation, will have completed all the requirements for "College Honors." These requirements include maintaining at least a 3.5 grade point average and successfully completing four Honors Challenges.

JOHN CHRISTOPHER HARTWICK SCHOLARS . In 1967, on the recommendation of President Frederick M. Binder, the Hartwick College Board of Trustees established the John Christopher Hartwick Scholarships as the award of highest distinction at the College. Rising seniors are nominated by the faculty of their major departments on the basis of academic achievement, leadership, and character. Students nominated to compete for the John Christopher Hartwick Scholarships are named FACULTY SCHOLARS . Faculty Scholars, from whom the John Christopher Hartwick Scholars are chosen, all have excellent academic records and have demonstrated an outstanding mastery of their respective disciplines. From among the Faculty Scholars, six are selected by the Scholarship Awards Committee to receive the John Christopher Hartwick Scholarship as the highest distinction the College can confer. Beginning in 1997, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the scholarship, each JCH Scholar receives a medallion, which is to be worn for Baccalaureate, Commencement, and other appropriate academic occasions. The medallions are a gift from Bill Kitson '86 and his wife, Diane Smith Kitson '87, who was herself a JCH Scholar. The names of these scholars will join those of the 252 previous winners on the plaque-also the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Kitson-which is located in the library foyer. In addition, each John Christopher Hartwick Scholar receives a substantial tuition grant, and an honored place among those who stand for the very best of Hartwick College.

ALBAN W. HOOPES SCHOLARSHIP AWARD is presented to the junior student who has performed excellent work in the fields of history and international relations.

ELIZABETH S. HOOPES MEMORIA L AWARD IN HISTOR Y is given to a history major planning a career in teaching who has an excellent academic record.

DAVID "HUTCH" HUTCHISON AWARD is presented to a rising junior or senior, and recognizes academic excellence in the geosciences. This alumni-established award, which supports geoscience-related student travel, honors Dr. David Hutchison, professor emeritus of geology and founder of several early off-campus educational experiences.

JESSIE E. JENKS SCHOLARSHIP, created through a generous gift from Dr. Carol '50 and Mr. Ralph Woodard, is awarded to a rising senior woman on the basis of academic achievement and leadership.

PETER D. JUNEMANN MEMORIA L AWARD was established through the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Henry D. Junemann and others, to recognize excellence in music. It is presented to students who demonstrate this excellence and who contribute to College life and campus activities.

JOHN F. KINGSTON '49 AWARD IN THEATRE is presented in memory of Mr. Kingston's son, Thomas, and is given to the student selected by the Theatre Arts Department who, in their judgment, is the most deserving recipient.

KROPP GERMAN AWARD is given in memory of Heinrick Kropp to the upperclassman with the highest academic average in German.

DR. ELIZABETH V. LAMPHERE SCHOLARSHIP was established by Dr. Elizabeth V. Lamphere ‘38, H'97 through a bequest. Dr. Lamphere was the retired chair of the Science Department of the Norwich City School System. During her teaching career, Dr. Lamphere taught at both the high school and college levels. The scholarship is awarded to a junior chemistry major with an academic average of not less than 3.5, who is active in the Langmuir Chemical Society, aka Chem Club.

EDITH M. LACEY MEMORIA L NURSING AWARD is given in recognition of dedication to the nursing profession, professional ethics and humanitarianism, academic achievement, and demonstration of outstanding abilities in the field of Nursing.

DR. CHARLES LEITZELL MUSIC AWARD is named after Hartwick's second President and given to a rising senior woman Music student who has demonstrated commitment to further music study.

TAMMY J. LISNER '89 MEMORIAL AWARD is presented to a pre-med senior with GPA of 3.6 or higher, who has shown commitment, motivation, involvement, and leadership within the Hartwick community.

DR. ROBERT E. AND MARYALICE MANSBACH SCHOLARSHIP is given to a rising sophomore who has demonstrated commitment to the liberal arts and involvement in some community action agency, organization, or institution in Oneonta and shows promise of continuing that involvement throughout his/her college career.

ROBERT E. MANSBACH SCHOLARSHIP, established in honor of former Professor of Religious Studies Robert Mansbach, is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated significant growth exemplifying an understanding of the spirit of a liberal arts education that Hartwick College strives to impart to all of its students.

ALFRED F. MASSARI LANGUAGE AWARD, established in memory of Professor Massari, is given to a first-year student studying a foreign language.

HELEN AND HOWARD MAYER SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a deserving student from western New York.

RICHARD K. MEEKER AWARD IN ENGLISH goes to an outstanding senior majoring in English and is in memory of the late Professor Richard K. Meeker.

CYRUS MEHRI GLOBAL PLURALISM SCHOLARSHIP was established through the generous contribution of Cyrus Mehri '83. The scholarship recognizes the importance and value of including students from the broadest range of backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences in our learning community and is awarded annually to a student with a distinctive perspective, grounded in life experience, who is committed to enriching the campus community by bringing diverse perspectives from communities within and outside the United States to Hartwick. The scholarship also includes a stipend for a faculty mentor.

BEHREND MEHRTENS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP was established by family and friends in memory of Dr. Behrend Mehrtens, who was a member of the faculty at Hartwick College. The award is presented to a rising junior who has demonstrated excellence in music.

MODERN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT PRIZE is given in recognition of outstanding work.

LEWIS HENRY MORGAN AWARD IN ANTHROPOLOGY goes to a first-year anthropology major who has attained the highest grade point average.

NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS MEMBERSHIP AWARD is given to junior or senior students who exhibit a high degree of professional promise in a mathematics/education related career.


THE ROBERT E. NEWNHAM '50, H'96 MATHEMATICS SCHOLARSHIP -Robert E. Newnham '50, H'96 enrolled at Hartwick College with the goal of teaching high school mathematics. Crediting the College and his mathematics professors with fostering his academic achievement, nurturing his scholarly inquisitiveness, and expanding his realm of career possibilities, he was inspired to earn Ph.D.s at Penn State and Cambridge University and become an award-winning scientist, inventor, and educator. The Robert E. Newnham '50, H'96 Mathematics Scholarship is presented in Dr. Newnham's memory to a mathematics major demonstrating outstanding academic achievement, intellectual curiosity and the intent to pursue a professional career in the fi eld of mathematics. This award will continue to be selected by the math faculty.


NURSING ALUMNI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded annually by the Alumni Association through its Nursing Committee to a rising senior nursing student. Selection of the recipient is based on overall consideration of academic record and potential as a member of the nursing profession.

OMICRON RHO CHAPTER OF SIGMA THETA TAU AWARD is given by the International Honor Society of Nursing to a graduating senior who is a member of the Honor Society at Hartwick College, and who exhibits excellence in scholarship, service, and nursing practice.

OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTING TUTOR AWARD is given to a graduating senior in business administration who has offered meritorious service in helping younger students conquer accounting and finance.

OUTSTANDING FIRST-YEAR STUDENT AWARD IN BIOLOGY is given to the firstyear student who has attained the highest cumulative average for the year.

OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN PHYSICS AWARD is given to a freshman physics student for outstanding performance.

FRANK E. PERRELLA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS IN HISTORY are awarded to a rising sophomore and a rising junior who have demonstrated academic achievement and promise in the field of history.

FRANK E. PERRELLA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION are awarded to a rising sophomore and a rising junior who have demonstrated academic achievement and promise in the field of business administration.

FRANK E. PERRELLA FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS IN MUSIC are awarded annually to a rising sophomore and a rising junior who have demonstrated academic promise in the field of music.

PI KAPPA LAMBDA MUSI C HONOR SOCIETY inductees are selected by the Music Department faculty to recognize outstanding musicianship and high academic achievement.

EDWARD RAYHER/RICHARD J. KOHLMEYER AWARD IN MATHEMATICS is presented to a mathematics major who has done outstanding work in mathematics.

JOHN AND GERTRUDE ROHRER AWARD IN MATHEMATICS is given to two members of the graduating class who have demonstrated excellence in the field of mathematics.

SANYO SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to an economics or business administration major who demonstrates outstanding academic leadership.

ANDREW B. SAXTON FELLOWS are nominated by the faculty in the departments in which fellows are majoring to serve as undergraduate research assistants or tutors in their departments.

SI GMA ALPHA IOTA COLLEGE HONOR AWARD is given by the national honorary fraternity for women in music in recognition of musicianship, scholarship, and contribution to the Music Department.

SI GMA ALPHA IOTA HONOR CERTIFICATE is given to the senior music major with the highest scholastic average.

DUNCAN B. SMITH AWARD FOR EXCEPTIONAL CREATIVITY IN THEATRE. The prize, a seminal text in the subject, is given to the student selected by the Theatre Arts faculty who has produced exceptionally creative work for a theatre class or production; 2009 was the first year of this award.

JAUNE QUICK-TO -SEE SMITH AWARD IN MIXED MEDIA PAINTIN G is given by Professor of Art Phil Young in honor of the highly recognized contemporary Flathead-Salish artist and activist, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith. It is given to a student whose painting and multimedia work has been outstanding in experimentation and in visual strength.

SOCRATIC AWARD was instituted in 2001 by the Philosophy Department. The award recognizes first- and second-year students who, in the judgment of the department, have demonstrated notable promise in textual comprehension and analysis, cogent written and oral arguments, and openness to constructive criticism.

ANNA SONDER PRIZE OF THE ACADEMY OF AMERICAN POETS is given to the student or students whose poems are judged best by a faculty committee. This prize, established in 1979 in honor of his mother, is made possible through the generous funding of the late Dr. Otto Sonder, Emeritus Professor of Sociology.

GRACE JONES SPAIN SCHOLARSHIP was established in 1990 by a gift from Mrs. Joann Rasmussen in honor of her mother. It is given annually to a rising junior or senior nursing or health professional major to recognize academic excellence.

OTTO STEINBACH SCHOLARSHIP IN CHEMISTRY is given to a rising junior or senior chemistry or biochemistry major who has demonstrated high academic achievement.

TEACHER-SCHOLAR AWARD honors a faculty member who has provided intellectual leadership to the campus community as both a teacher and a scholar. The award is made to an outstanding exemplar of the tradition of the teacher-scholar, one who enhances teaching with his or her own scholarship, research, or creative work, integrating the perspective of seeker and teacher and strengthening the College's academic climate by demonstrating to students and colleagues the value and excitement of scholarly inquiry.

UNDERGRADUATE AWARD IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY recognizes a student who displays a signifi cant aptitude for analytical chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field.

UNDERGRADUATE AWARD IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY recognizes senior students who display a significant aptitude for organic chemistry and to encourage further interest in the field.

KAY WALKINGSTICK AWARD IN PAINTING is given by Professor of Art Phil Young in honor of the renowned contemporary Cherokee artist Kay WalkingStick. It is given to a rising senior whose work embodies consistently outstanding accomplishment in painting.

WINIFRED WANDERSEE SCHOLAR-IN -RESIDENCE AWARD is given in memory of Professor of History and Faculty Chair Dr. Win Wandersee, who cared deeply about both her students and her scholarship and who enjoyed a national reputation as a historian of women in the work force. Our community felt a tremendous loss when Win lost her heroic battle with cancer in 1994.

THE BARBARA F. AND PHILIP S. WILDER JR. CITIZENSHIP AWARD recipient is a junior whose career at Hartwick has exemplified outstanding leadership, campus citizenship, and strong academic performance. This award was a gift of the seventh President of Hartwick College and his wife. The recipient is selected by the Office of Student Affairs.

THE KEITH A. YOUNGMAN '05 AWARD was established in 2007 by Gerry and Candace Youngman in memory of their son, Keith Youngman, who was a member of the graduating class of 2005. This award is granted to a rising junior or senior economics major for the purpose of providing financial support for an off-campus internship or J Term experience, to be completed prior to graduation, which will significantly benefit the student. The annual recipient of the award is selected by the economics faculty based on his or her demonstration of strong morals, an established work ethic, an enterprising spirit, engagement with the Hartwick College community and the community at large, and support for his or her fellow students and the faculty of the department.