Margaret Brigham Bunn Award

Margaret Brigham Bunn was for many years a loyal friend of Hartwick who understood the centrality of the interaction between teacher and student. She served as a Trustee of the College for 14 years. When she died in 1978, her colleagues on the Board established this award, which consists of a substantial check presented annually to a member of the faculty judged by students who graduated five years earlier to have been the most outstanding faculty member with whom they studied.

Past recipients of this prestigious award are:

2015    Edythe Ann Quinn, History
2014    Penny Wightman, Business Administration & Accounting
2013    Doug Zullo, Art & Art History
2012     Mark Davies, Education
2011     Phil Young, Art
2010    Susan Navarette, English
2009    Mary Allen, Biology
2008    Laurel Elder, Political Science
2007    Lisle Dalton, Religious Studies
2006    Betsey Ayer, Art & Art History
2005    Tom Sears, Accounting & Business Administration
2004    Sandy Huntington, Religious Studies
2003    Doug Hamilton, Biology
2002    David Cody, English
2001    Stan Sessions, Biology
2000    Peggy Jenkins, Nursing
1999    Adrian McFarlane, Philosophy
1998    Walter Nagel, Chemistry
1997    Lynn Elmore, Psychology
1996    Margaret Schramm, English
1995    Connie Anderson, Anthropology
1994    Ron Heyduk, Psychology
1993    Larry Malone, Economics
1992    Peter Wallace, History
1991    Kate O'Donnell, Sociology
1990    Winifred Wandersee, History
1989    Bob Smith, Biology
1988    Jerry Brown, Modern & Classical Languages
1987    John Clemens, Business Administration
1986    Ron Brzenk, Mathematics
1985    Donald Vosburgh, Sociology
1984    Robert Mansbach, Religious Studies
1983    John Lindell, Political Science
1982    David Hutchison, Geology
1981    Jeffrey Goldman, Psychology
1980    Carol Bocher, Biology
1978    David Diener, Mathematics
1977    Earl Deubler, Biology